Philadelphia School District Outlines Details For Summer Program

Natasha Brown reports.

Video Transcript

- School district today outlined details of its summer learning program. Officials are hoping it will bring students who have fallen behind during virtual learning back up to speed. Eyewitness News reporter Natasha Brown is live at school district headquarters this afternoon in Spring Garden with the details on that. Natasha?

NATASHA BROWN: Well good afternoon to you. The school district in Philadelphia has made it no secret that they know that children have fallen behind during this virtual learning setting throughout this pandemic. And they are trying to find a way to bring everybody back up to speed. That's why they've announced extensive summer programs that will be in place.

Thousands of students in the Philadelphia School District will soon get their first glimpse inside a classroom setting since the pandemic. School officials announced an extensive summer learning and enrichment program aimed at 1st through 12th grade students. The five-week summer program, which will encompass academic studies and extracurricular activities, will begin on June 28.

School district officials will be using as many as 39 school buildings to help bring students who may have fallen behind during virtual learning back up to speed. The district says right now as many as 14,000 students are being targeted for the programs, but they want as many students as possible to enroll.

MALIKA SAVOY-BROOKS: There will be a full-day, in-person opportunity for students who are entering grades 1 through grade 12. We will offer a new virtual transition program for students entering pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.

NATASHA BROWN: Well the school district also says they'll be working very closely with the city of Philadelphia and implementing summer programs as well in conjunction with the city. Now this will all be a part of that $1.6 billion federal stimulus money that will be filtering into the Philadelphia School District. Part of that will be used to expand this summer program. That's the very latest for now. Reporting live at school district headquarters in Spring Garden, Natasha Brown, CBS3 Eyewitness News.

- All right, Natasha. Thank you.