Philadelphia Tradition Returns Sunday When Odunde Festival Starts

Alecia Reid reports.

Video Transcript

- A Philadelphia tradition returns tomorrow when the Odunde Festival starts. It was canceled last year because of the pandemic. Eyewitness News reporter Alecia Reid shows us what to expect at this year's festival and some of the other big events happening around town this month.

ALECIA REID: The African-American cultural season is heating up. It starts with the annual Odunde Festival that will look a whole lot different from pre-pandemic years.

OSHUNBUMI FERNANDEZ-WEST: There will be no festival on South Street.

ALECIA REID: No festival but a ton of activities to check out between Sunday, June 6th, and the 13th.

OSHUNBUMI FERNANDEZ-WEST: So we had African head wrapping, African cooking. We are doing, like, [INAUDIBLE] giveaway. We are supporting [INAUDIBLE] small African-American businesses.

ALECIA REID: Although the festival had to pivot, the flavor will still be there.

OSHUNBUMI FERNANDEZ-WEST: Some people don't want to come out. OK, so we have virtual events. Some people do want to come out. So we have a couple on-location events. So whatever you're [? comfortability ?] level is, we have an event for you at Odunde Festival 2021.

ALECIA REID: For the first time ever, the Get Fresh Festival will kick off at Freedom Greens and Garden at Global Leadership Academy, on Saturday, June 19th, right across from Malcolm X Park.

JIANA MURDIC: We'll have the garden open. And this space right here will be the space where we'll be able to gather and do Afro vibes, do yoga in the space, have a reading corner over here.

ALECIA REID: Over the next two weeks, this space will be transformed. Founder Jiana Murdic has been working to bring sustainable, nutritious meals to over 1,200 families in Philadelphia. And, now, she's bringing her expertise to the public.

JIANA MURDIC: It is about being able to develop and create meals that are healthy, delicious, and nutritious. And folks who live in this community have a really hard time accessing the ingredients that you need to create and sustain a healthy meal and healthy lifestyles for their families.

ALECIA REID: The plant-based cook out will cater to those looking to transition to a plant-based lifestyle.

JIANA MURDIC: We're going to be distributing recipes. But the barbecue, the cook out, are going to be demonstrations of those foods that are going to be included in the recipe box.

ALECIA REID: To kick off this year's Juneteenth celebration, there will be a flag raising-ceremony here at City Hall on Monday as well as live entertainment. Council Member Kenyatta Johnson will join the Juneteenth family as well as other community leaders as they gear up for all the exciting events coming this year. Reporting from Center City, Alecia Reid, CBS3 Eyewitness News.