Philadelphia Weather: 1st Severe Threat Of The Season

Meteorologist Matt Peterson has your forecast.

Video Transcript

- Matt is tracking some storms possibly headed to our area today. Good morning, Matt.

MATT PETERSON: Yeah, good morning, Jan. And that threat for severe weather that rolled through the South and continues to move through the Deep South even here this morning is going to move into the Delaware Valley as we head a little bit later this afternoon into the evening hours for us. Though they are not done down in parts of Alabama this morning, Tennessee. It is another messy day already for those folks down South.

When it comes to what we're dealing with here this morning across our neck of the woods, the Delaware Valley, South Jersey, Delaware, well, it's a mild morning for many of us. You see a lot of 50s out there. Almost 60 degrees in a few spots. AC, Trenton, and Mount Pocono at this point dealing with a little bit of light drizzle. A few sprinkles being reported in some of the more eastern sections of the area.

Now, there is the cold front that continues to just pummel parts of the Deep South this morning. That trailing cold front will actually affect us here across Philadelphia and a lot of the surrounding area later this evening. But before that cold front gets here, we have to deal with a warm front bringing in our initial round of rain. It hasn't quite moved into Philadelphia just yet but there it is. It's moving into those western counties. Chester County, probably into Delco pretty soon as well.

And as the rain starts, it will be just rain at times. But as we go through the mid-morning hours, some thunderstorm activity could start to develop as well. So 9 o'clock shower activity starting to push on in. 10 o'clock, you see those pockets there of the yellow, the orange mixing in with just the plain green. And that's the periodic heavy downpour activity, as well as the threat for a thunderstorm early in the day. That continues as we go through about lunchtime or so.

Once we get past that 12 o'clock timeframe, moving into the early afternoon, this first round of rain starts to fizzle out a little bit. We go with a drier pattern from about noon, 1 o'clock through about 4:00 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon. And during that time, look, temperatures rocket up into the 70s. We get some strong southerly wind. We bring in not just the warm air, but very humid conditions. Could even have a sun break or two between the clouds from time to time this afternoon.

But then this all sets the stage for what's going to be happening later on this evening. By the time we get to 6 o'clock, cold front's starting to get ever closer. You see, by 7 o'clock, it moves right across the I-95 corridor, including Philadelphia, all the surrounding suburbs of PA and New Jersey at this point, down towards Wilmington as well. Strong, gusty winds, very heavy rain associated with that front. By 9 o'clock, it looks to clear the coastline, though. And then that continues, the clearing does, as we head into Monday morning.

But it is our severe weather chances for today that we're looking at right now. Marginal risk for a lot of the area, that's our green shading. That is level one out of five. As you head a little bit further south, towards Dover, Delaware and into central and southern parts of the first state, it's that yellow shading there. That's our slight risk, level two out of five, for severe weather chances.

Biggest threats for today are damaging winds. But where we had that yellow shading, again, from Dover and south, an isolated tornado chance is not ruled out. So we're really keeping an eye on this system.

When it comes to what happens after we get through today, well, 55 only tomorrow, Jan. It's windy and sunny. 60s do return Tuesday and Wednesday. April starts on Thursday. But it comes with a chill there, 47 degrees only for the start of April.

- All right, Matt, thank you.