Philadelphia Weather: Another Cold Night

Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

JESSICA KARTALIJA: Well, a chilly Earth Day in our area. If you were outside today, you know it. Late April isn't typically the time for winter coats and hats, but, Kate, if you were out, especially this morning, you really needed to bundle up. Like I gave Drew the ski jacket today.

KATE BILO: Yes. I know, I put my daughter in the puffy coat and hat and the little mittens, and she's waddling. You had to do it today, especially for the kids. I know a lot of grown ups are probably like, I'm not-- I'm not doing the coat, I'm just going to be tough and go out in it. And maybe you regretted that decision quickly, because not only was it cold-- I mean we're not talking January cold, here, but for April-- with temperatures in the 40s and wind chills at times in the 30s, it did not feel great outside. No matter how tough you are against the wind, it was a brutally chilly day for late April.

It is still chilly now, but the sun is out. Blue sky breaking through the clouds in Center City. Current conditions, though, it is only 48 degrees in Philadelphia. We should be about 20 degrees warmer than that here in late April. Winds are still gusting to 30 miles an hour, making our 40 feel like-- 48 feel like just 40. And overnight temperatures drop once again, we're going to drop down into the 30s, even in Philadelphia. You can see the winds gradually die down a little bit. We go from 15 miles an hour to about 6 or 7 miles per hour tomorrow morning.

And tomorrow is certainly an improvement. Still a bit of a breeze throughout the day, but nothing as bad as today. And we are going to warm up quite nicely after a cold start to your Friday. Stormscan 3 does show snow showers and snow squalls here over New York state, coming in off the Great Lakes, but for the most part, these have stayed to the North. We've had a couple of sprinkles and a few flurries in the Poconos, just because of that cold air aloft, the instability generated when the sun comes out. Nothing major. And once the sun goes down, we'll see those fall off as well.

But frost and freeze alerts are certainly in effect. All the purple is a freeze warning. That means a hard freeze is likely. Temperatures will drop to or below the freezing mark. That's interior sections of South Jersey, especially the more rural sections, the Pine Barrens, and up across portions of Montgomery County, Bucks County, and the Lehigh Valley.

So if you started doing the flower boxes, if you started planting trees or shrubs in your garden, cover them up tonight. Anything sensitive could be killed with this hard freeze.

In Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, it's a frost advisory. So we're talking mid 30s, cold enough for frost to form, and that is also dangerous to plants. So if you have anything outdoors, bring it in for the night.

37 degrees tonight, mainly clear, a wintry chill again. Your region-wide forecast, breezy at 63 degrees in the city, 60 down the shore, 55 tomorrow in the Poconos. But it will start out feeling like only 30, and then in the afternoon gets a little bit better. Again 63 in Philadelphia, lots of sunshine, but that breeze does stay strong.

Tomorrow is dry, and then Saturday starts off pretty nice as well. It is going to get a little overcast in the afternoon, but this next chance for rain should hold off until Saturday night. Then we've got rain around overnight into Sunday morning that will taper off by midday. So the weekend is a little bit touch and go at times, especially Saturday, night Sunday morning, but you will get time to get outside.

Monday's chilly and breezy, and then look at this warm up. We're talking 80s by the middle of next week. What a turn around, Ukee.

UKEE WASHINGTON: Shorts are on standby. All right, thanks so much.