Philadelphia Weather: Cool Down Coming

Llarisa Abreu has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

LLARISA ABREU: --talk weather. Because today is going to be a nice day out there, still, remaining seasonably cool, though, as temperatures will be in the 60s later on this afternoon. But we're going to enjoy a great deal of sunshine, and we deserve it. This week has been quite unsettled, and today promises to be truly dry.

Notice, here, your hour by hour. The morning looks fantastic. As we approach the afternoon, we're going to see some change. We're really on trend with what's been going on this week. We'll notice the clouds begin to fill in. This doesn't happen, until closer to 5:00 PM today. So it should be a very sunny, beautiful day, even spilling into the afternoon before those clouds begin to increase.

And you can see future weather picking up on that nicely. That's out ahead of our next disturbance. Today is dry, and even part of tomorrow. But by tomorrow afternoon, we could see a few droplets of rain move through the region. It's all associated with this particular cold front, the same one that over Chicago right now.

It does look like it falls apart as it makes its way closer to the region, but we're still keeping the chance for showers here. Spotty, at best, on Saturday. Another shot as we head towards late in the day Sunday, and I know this is Mother's Day weekend. So not a complete washout. You don't have to cancel those plans, but just know that we do have showers in the forecast starting Friday, lingering through Monday, before we do turn the page as we head towards Tuesday of next week.

- Thank you, Llarisa. Let's take a look at this morning's--