Philadelphia Weather: Dangerous Heat Persists

Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

- Well, let's get back to this sweltering spring weather. The shore is one place that it's not in the 90s right now. Some people are enjoying the cooler temperatures in Atlantic City thanks to the ocean breeze. It'll be nice and cool on top of the Ferris wheel. Meteorologist Kate Bilo here with a look at when the rest of the region will cool off a little. Hi, Kate.

KATE BILO: Hi, Jessica. Yeah, we do have this heat sticking around for the next couple of days. It may not be quite as hot just because there is a better chance for showers and storms. Which if they come through will cut off the heating a bit. But the humidity is still high. And that heat advisory as we talked about earlier will go until 8 o'clock tomorrow night. Possibly even being extended into Wednesday. So this may end up being a five day heat wave. Will be close to 90 over the next two days as well.

Right now, it's 92. The breeze has picked up a little bit. That helps a little except it's kind of a hot, moist breeze, which sounds pretty miserable. Feels like temperature is 95. The dew point, 67. And looking ahead, you can see temperatures stay in the 90s through about 7 o'clock. Once we lose the sun, temps will drop. But they don't drop much. Overnight, will drop back into the low 70s. Some spots may stay in the mid 70s overnight. It is not going to be a comfortable night out there. With dew points likely headed to 70 as well.

In fact, future dew point. So we are at the top of the range here right into tomorrow. Look at that, dew points in the 70s tonight into midday tomorrow. That means it is going to feel nearly unbearable with the humidity to be out there for any length of time. And that is why, of course, the heat advisory was extended even though tomorrow looks a couple of degrees cooler thanks to an increased chance for showers and storms.

So most of the shower and storm activity today stayed from the Lehigh Valley in the Poconos on Northeast. But you can see there's a disturbance here over the Midwest that's been sending showers and storms Eastward over parts of Ohio and West Virginia today. These will move a little bit further East tomorrow. So tomorrow does bring a better chance for a couple of showers and storms. But they're not everywhere. But they will be likely in the afternoon.

There is one cell to watch here. North of Harrisburg. Watch how it just fires up. And it's going to be headed toward the Poconos. But it may miss the Poconos to the North. So just a few showers outside right now. Our storm scan free picture for tonight. For most of us is dry. But it is very, very muggy, very steamy. Again dew points in the 70s with temperatures to match. So the air is almost 100% saturated. That means some patchy fog will likely develop in spots overnight once again.

For tomorrow, still steamy 90 degrees. Feeling as much as 5 degrees hotter than that. And there will be the chance for those storms rolling through in the afternoon. The storms will be heavy likely not severe. We're talking heavy rain downpours with any one of these cells that does develop tomorrow afternoon.

And down the shore, looking a little bit cooler once again with a sea breeze partly sunny at 77. With a few afternoon, more likely evening and nighttime storms down the shore. Here's what this looks like. Tonight, most of these showers and storms fizzle off to the West. But then as we head into tomorrow, 1:30 PM, a couple of showers posting up around the city of Philadelphia. 6:30, you can see off to the North and West.

And then by tomorrow night, there may be the chance of a stray shower or storm down the shore. Those then die out. And then they refire again on Wednesday. 115 Wednesday, you can see another round of showers and thunderstorms. That will continue into Wednesday night. But our actual cold front that brings some relief doesn't come until Thursday. 83 degrees. Thursday with another chance of showers and storms.

Friday is cloudy, much cooler. But still not a great day with shower and thunderstorm chances. The weekend though looking much better, more seasonable with some sun both days. Jessica.

- All right, Kate. Thank you.