Philadelphia Weather: Dreary At Times This Weekend

Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: Well it's been an overcast and dreary Friday afternoon. And now we're waiting for some rain to arrive. But you know what? It's Friday, bring it Kate. It's going to be all right.

KATE BILO: No bad news on a Friday afternoon, right? You know, even though the weather is not perfect for the weekend, it is going to be warm. It's trending warmer and warmer. In fact, we're looking at 70s now both days. And you can see in Center City right now, it's still looking a little overcast, but there are a few breaks of blue sky trying to pick out. And that's going to be the case through the weekend. It will not be a complete washout of a weekend.

We are going to see at least a little sun here and there both days, but we will be dodging some raindrops as well. Current conditions, mostly cloudy at the airport. Still a little on the cool side, we are below average. It's 58 degrees right now in Philadelphia. Precipitation chances ramp up overnight. So we'll have a band of showers roll through around 11:00 or midnight and that will continue right into the overnight hours. So just the off chance of a shower here over the next couple of hours, and then you can see increasing chances, better than 50% at midnight and again at 2:00 AM.

And you can see the showers firing up off to the west. Now we've been watching this cluster of lightning and thunder showers across portions of DC and Baltimore. You can see how this is really starting to fall apart a little bit. However, just had a flash of lightning reported in northern Delaware with one cell firing up here south of Wilmington. So there are a couple of showers and even a few thundershowers rolling through at this hour. They will make it into the city likely within the next couple of hours.

Most of the lightning and thunder should die down, but you can't rule out a stray flash of lightning or rumble of thunder. Certainly something to keep in mind if you plan on being outdoors this evening. A few showers near Atlantic City right now as well. So right through the overnight, again, mainly some scattered showers until the sun goes down. We may hear a rumble of thunder, see a flash of lightning. But for most of us, this is just some light scattered rain overnight.

Tomorrow morning starts out cloudy. I think we will get a few breaks of sun midday. Any sun we see though with the cool and unstable air aloft is going to generate more clouds, what we call self-destructive sunshine. So if we see any sun, it's not going to last all that long. But it will stay dry through most of the day tomorrow. Some of the heaviest rain we'll see this weekend comes very early Sunday morning between about 4:00 and 6:00 AM. That's as a band of rain lifts through. It's going to move out pretty quickly.

And then Sunday midday may feel like a few bonus hours. I think we'll see some sun come out. Temperatures will be in the mid 70s. You may even be able to get outside for a bit. But then by Sunday evening, we'll have the chance for a few thunderstorms rolling through. So tonight, 53 cloudy with scattered light and spotty showers. Tomorrow a morning shower possible, then cloudy with breaks of sun, 71 degrees. It's a warm weekend. We'll have 70s both days.

But rain chances Sunday morning, storm chances Sunday evening. Highs into the mid 70s. And then it gets even cooler, we're back to the low to mid 60s early next week. And still, the chance of a shower Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Ukee it's like when a relative comes to visit and just doesn't want to leave. Want to get this system out of here. Got to give it a few hints here and there.

UKEE WASHINGTON: Oh you're still here? Oh man. I know. Thanks Kate.