Philadelphia Weather: Freeze Warning In Place

Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

- Now to the cold. Eyewitness News in downtown Glassboro today. A dry afternoon, but lots of bundled up peeps. And we're not talking about the Easter treat. Some warm temps, though, would be a nice treat. Not too far off, though, right, Kate?

KATE BILO: Not too far off. In fact, we're going to warm up pretty quickly after this blast of winter like weather here to finish out the workweek. Take a live look outside Center City. Looking good. Not feeling as good as it looks, but it's bright. It's sunny, and you know, that April sun is strong.

So if you're outside, even with the wind, it doesn't feel terrible today. It certainly doesn't feel like a January day, but it certainly is chilly for the first day of April. Current conditions right now in the city, 47 with a mix of clouds and sun.

It feels almost 10 degrees colder than that. It feels like 39, right now, and that is, of course, thanks to the wind, which is still keeping up the pace here. Winds out of the North Northwest at 21 miles per hour with gusts near 30 miles per hour still in Philadelphia, and that, like we said, is making it feel much colder than it is. In fact, the current windchills, the current feels like temperatures in Trenton, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Dover have now dropped into the 30s.

It feels no better than freezing right now in Allentown, and it feels like only 25 in Mount Pocono. Our forecast wind gusts will stay relatively elevated, even overnight. A lot of times, when the sun goes down, you see the winds start to die down as well. But they're going to stay in the 25 mile per hour range here overnight and into tomorrow, and tomorrow is another blustery, chilly day, especially for the time of year.

Those North Northwest winds are also causing some lake effect snow showers and squalls. Heavy snow is falling across portions of Western New York state, Western Pennsylvania, and a few bands, and also, even around Albany into portions of New England. But not much of that has reached our area.

There are a couple of sprinkles here and there, but that's about it. And that's probably all we'll see, just a few spotty sprinkles, maybe a few flakes back in Lancaster County. We do have a freeze warning in effect, and this is for the Southern 2/3 of Delaware.

This is an area, where the growing season has already begun, the southernmost part of our region, and that means the freeze could be dangerous to crops there. We are going to be below freezing across the rest of the area, but no freeze warning. Because it has not quite begun, the planting season, the agricultural season further North.

Tonight, 30 degrees, mainly clear and breezy, unseasonably cold. In fact, we are close to a record. Our record in Philadelphia for tomorrow's date, April 2, is 25 degrees. We're only five degrees away from that.

Trenton's record is 21. Allentown, a record low of 13 degrees, April 2, 1923. Redding and Atlantic City in the low 20s. Most of these records will likely stand. There will be a few spots that get a little closer to challenging it, but it looks like it will be four or five degrees from the records, which is a little too close for comfort.

Your feels like forecast when you wake up tomorrow morning, it'll feel like the low 20s. It'll be around 30. It'll feel about 10 degrees colder, and tomorrow, even though it's bright and sunny, it's cold and breezy. 44 feeling not much better than freezing, despite the sunny skies.

Here's some good news though. Precipitation chances near nil here, Thursday through Monday, and it does get a little higher Tuesday with the chance for a few scattered showers at night. So your Easter Sunday forecast looks a whole lot better.

40 degrees, a comfy morning if you're doing the sunrise services. Brunch, 54, and for the egg hunt in the afternoon with the kids, 60 degrees. That will be our high for the day Easter Sunday, so a pretty rapid warm up. We're back to the mid 60s early next week, and then some April showers creep into the forecast by Tuesday night or Wednesday. Yuki, back to you.

- All right, here they come. Thanks, Kate.