Philadelphia Weather: Great Spring Sunday

Lauren Casey reports.

Video Transcript

JOE HOLDEN: Meteorologist Lauren Casey joining us now on our first day of spring. Hi, Lauren.

LAUREN CASEY: Hey, Joe. Yes, spring has finally arrived. A cause for celebration. And it feels pretty great and springlike out here right now, sunny skies to kick off our weekend. And yes, officially this morning at 5:37 AM early, the vernal equinox occurred, ringing in this spring season. And our sunset time of course extending past the 7 o'clock hour. And as we head into the next couple of days, it will be feeling very springlike as we push towards the upcoming week. So we'll switch it over to the weather computer and show you our spring has sprung at this time.

5:37 AM this morning, yes, is when we had that vernal equinox. Our sunrise time at 7:04 AM. Our sunset, thanks to daylight saving, at 7:13 PM. High temperature today, 56 degrees. Our normal high temperature, 54. Was a chilly start though down at 32 degrees this morning. And we'll have another pretty chilly night ahead thanks to clear sky conditions and calm winds. But it is looking great right now up and down the I-95 corridor. We're at 57 with sunshine in Trenton, 57 in Allentown, near 50 in Mount Pocono. But you notice those chillier temperatures along the coast. Abundant sunshine but temperatures in the 40s thanks to that east wind off of that still very cold Atlantic Ocean.

Stormscan3 today showing us a bunch of nothing. And high pressure will remain our dominant weather feature as we head into the next several days. So as I mentioned, clear skies tonight, calm winds. That will allow for a lot of radiational cooling. So temperatures still getting chilly. And watch out for those spring flowers, might want to bring them indoors. 32 degrees in Allentown tonight, dropping sub-freezing in the Poconos. Same case in upper [? Bonks, ?] northwestern [? Montgo. ?] But in Philadelphia, we'll stay above that freezing mark with an overnight low of 35, but dropping sub-freezing as well in Millville.

For tonight, that's 35 degrees. Chilly with calm winds. A nice view of the moon tonight and the stars. As we head into the day tomorrow, another nice looking springlike day because, hey, it's our first full day of spring 61 degrees our high temperature despite that east wind. But do keep that in mind, especially along the coast. With that east wind in control, temperatures are not going to make it into the 60s for you, closer to 50. But in the city and surrounding suburbs, nothing but sunshine takes us through our Sunday.

So kind of a repeat of today, but we'll tack on a few more degrees as we head into Monday, another beautiful day. Tuesday looking great as well as we head into Wednesday, adding a few extra clouds, maybe a sprinkle possible by Thursday. High temperatures cruising up into the upper 60s. And really, in our 7-day forecast, our only formidable chance of rain looks to be on Friday with a pretty good shot at periods of rain throughout the day. But Joe, we clear out by next Saturday.

JOE HOLDEN: Formidable. All right, Casey. Thank you so much.