Philadelphia Weather: Hot And Steamy Weekend

Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

SPEAKER 1: Now let's get the latest on the flower show forecast. Here's Kate.

KATE BILO: Thanks so much, Yuki. Yes, it is turning out to be a beautiful evening in Philadelphia. The storms rolled through, they gave the flowers a good watering. The perfect kind of rainstorm, you don't have to water your flowers as we go into tonight, whether you're at home or the folks here at the flower show. Behind me there is a beautiful butterfly garden, they built a little bridge, there's some water and some beautiful cattails. There was a dragonfly just hovering nearby, butterflies enjoying this set up here in FDR park. It is gorgeous.

And it feels great out here now that the storms have rolled through. Lower humidity and temps have cooled off a little bit as well. Let's take a look at what is happening on Stormscan 3. The storm threat is starting to fall apart You can see there is still a line of storms moving into the shore points, but they are starting to fizzle a little bit. Atlantic City will likely still pick up a thunderstorm here within the hour, but our severe threat is ending. So timing this out, until about 8 o'clock, still a lingering storm chance mainly down the shore. After 8 o'clock, storm chances rapidly come to an end. Once we lose the heating of the day, the storms are pretty much nonexistent. And overnight, it's dry, it is warm and muggy, and it's going to be a warm start to tomorrow as well.

So for your Philly's first pitch forecast, they're going to get it in no problem. The storms cleared out just in time. Sunshine, a mild night at Citizens Bank Park, 74 degrees at first pitch. Tonight stays partly cloudy, it's warm, it's muggy. 66 will be the overnight low. And future weather shows us a quiet weekend. We've had storms the past two days. Tomorrow looks like sunshine from start to finish. Sunday, dry as well, for the most part. You can see this particular model firing up just a couple of scattered showers and thundershowers Sunday afternoon. Just a few pop ups. Most of the weekend is dry.

So it is the weekend. If you do not have a pool, or even an inflatable pool in your backyard, if you know someone who does, get them on the phone. Hey, what are you doing this weekend? Maybe we can stop by. Because it is a weekend you're going to need to find a way to cool off. Maybe take the kids to the splash pad. Temperatures in the 90s both Saturday and Sunday. If you head down the shore you will find some cooling, but that sand is going to be hot on your feet. 86 degrees on Saturday, 87 Sunday. Lots of SPF down the shore this weekend.

The heat will continue into Monday, and it's still hot by midweek. But a few more shower and thundershower chances may turn it back at least just a little bit. So back here live we are enjoying a beautiful night at the flower show. It has ended for this evening. It was a preview night tonight, it starts tomorrow. And as Tory said, there is so much to see, so much to do. Make sure you book your time now, because you don't want to miss this. And it's outside, which is even better. Yuki, we'll send it back over to you.

SPEAKER 1: All right Kate, and as you said, the flower show officially opens tomorrow and runs until June 13. We put everything you need to know including tickets and parking at Be right back.