Philadelphia Weather: Huge Temperature Drop

Meteorologist Matt Peterson has your forecast.

Video Transcript

- Now to the forecast with Meteorologist, Matt Peterson. Still going to be a great day to get out and stretch your legs, maybe head down to Reading Terminal Market.

MATT PETERSON: Yeah, definitely. You know, Jan, if you're me, it's always a good day to go to Reading Terminal Market.

- Any day.

MATT PETERSON: You know? I can't ever hate going there. But I can't hate this picture either. This is Summer's Point on this wonderful Saturday morning, absolutely gorgeous start to the day, wonderful sunrise down the shore. Yes, it's a little breezy. It might not be as warm as you'd like or even as warm as it was yesterday. But still, if it looks like this, you can't really complain if you're down the shore here this morning. Of course, we're talking about spring right around the corner.

We start, though, with our spring countdown. Talking about tomorrow, daylight saving time officially 2:00 AM overnight tonight into Sunday morning, that's when we spring ahead. I know we lose that hour of sleep. But tomorrow night, we have sunrise not until 7 o'clock-- almost 7:10 tomorrow night. So we get that extended daylight which is great. Spring does officially begin next Saturday. So we got about seven days until spring starts. You got the Phillies' home-opener in just less than 20 days and Easter Sunday right around the corner too, only 22 days until Easter.

Storm Scan 3 for us this morning, quiet and clear, we have our front sagging to the south. Still some decent northwesterly winds, though, coming in. And it's drawing in some drier and colder air. So while we have nice bright sunshine across the board, temperature's much colder this morning by 10 to 15 even close to 20 degrees in some places. 39 as you wake up and step out the door for us in Philadelphia.

Now the wind gusts, they were a little bit stronger early this morning. And they're still very noticeable out there, almost 40 miles an hour in the Poconos. And from Wilmington through Melville, AC and Wildwood, 25 to about 30 miles an hour for those wind gusts currently. It won't be this strong through the afternoon. But 10- to 15-mile-an-hour winds sustained out of the north and west today. Definitely something we'll continue to watch.

Not a whole lot to talk about on Future Cast here. We're talking about sunshine across the board. But, again, the breeze is what you're going to be noticing. Overnight tonight, clear skies, not quite as windy, so it's going to be a frosty morning for us on Sunday morning as you wake up. This is 8 o'clock. A few high clouds are out there. And as you head through the afternoon, again, looking for mostly-sunny skies and even stronger winds for us tomorrow.

50 degrees our high in the city today. Down the shore, where we had that wonderful sunshine this morning, 47. And in the Pocono Mountains, chilly and windy, a high today of only 40 degrees. Overnight tonight, like I said, frosty in some places. 30 tonight in Allentown, 35 our low in Philly, and 31 in Millville. 36 the overnight low temperature tonight heading into tomorrow morning in Wildwood. And then it's a seasonable and sunny day on Sunday too. Highs back up into the mid 50s, which is nice, maybe even some upper 50s in areas like Wilmington, Dover, and Millville-- 57 or 58 degrees.

Then the winter chill returns. It's a reminder that we're not done with the winter season for another week. 40's only for highs to start the workweek. Morning lows, Monday and Tuesday, could be in the 20s and 30s. And we are tracking another winter system that could bring, yes, a chance for some rain or even a few wet snowflakes to the area but still looking pretty good Saturday and Sunday, Jan. There's our winter chance on Monday and Tuesday. We quickly rebound, though, back to the 50s for Saint Patty's on Wednesday.

- All right, Matt, thanks so much.