Philadelphia Weather: Midweek Storm Potential

Lauren Casey has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

JESS: Exactly hit the jackpot with the weather. Today it's been pretty cool and cloudy for the start of the workweek, but meteorologist Lauren Casey is in, so things are going to go up, then back down. Kind of all over the place.

LAUREN CASEY: All over the place and then back up again, just as we head into midweek. But yeah, what an outfit change from yesterday to today. It was certainly shorts and t-shirts, maybe you were down the shore, swimsuits, we had those 90s. Today, you need a jacket, it's in the 60s and we even have some 50s on the board. We're at 59 degrees right now in Wilmington under those cloudy skies, prevailing all across the region. 65 in Philadelphia, 64 in Allentown. Temperatures in the 50s right now in the Poconos.

Temperature change over the last 24 hours, check out some of these numbers. We're down 26 degrees from this time yesterday in Philly, down 32 degrees in Wilmington, down 32 as well in Atlantic City, where high temperatures reached into the middle 90s yesterday. Stormscan 3 showing us, do have some shower activity concentrated to our south and west. Cold front came through last night and stalled out right around Washington DC, and that's where we're seeing this activity focused.

So we had a little bit of light rain working through Chester County, portions of northern Delaware, Salem and Cumberland counties. And still a little bit of light rain working through Cape May County at this hour. Still a few more showers up Wednesday, you still need to hang on to that umbrella. But we'd be happy to open up the umbrellas in Philadelphia. We are in desperate now need of rain. Rainfall deficit for the month so far nearing two inches. Only about 7/10 of an inch of rain so far. And we're not going to get it tonight.

Mostly cloudy and cooler, 54 degrees our overnight low, so some pretty good sleeping weather. And then for our day tomorrow, pretty uneventful. Start off with the clouds and then we'll see some slow clearing as we head into the second half of the day. Temperatures rebound up into the middle 70s. We start off comfortable, then that muggy factor starts to increase by late day setting us up for an incredibly steamy Wednesday.

But down the shore tomorrow, it's another cool one. No 90s in store, 68 degrees with some late day slow clearing and that cool breeze out of the south. As we head into Wednesday, talking about heat, humidity and the potential for some storms. At this point there is some disagreement in the models and how much coverage we're going to be, but we should see some at least scattered storm activity, and of those storms that do develop they could be strong, even potentially severe. Already three days out we are in a marginal risk of severe weather for a majority of the area. Does include Center City Philadelphia and all of southeastern Pennsylvania, and our Jersey suburbs as well.

So stay tuned to that evolving forecast as we head into Wednesday afternoon and evening. And then of course, everyone wants to know, it's a little far out yet forecast wise, but we'll take a look at some of the main headlines for your Memorial Day weekend. Rain is looking likely Friday night, so if you have to hit the roads you're going to be dealing with that. As we head into Saturday, a cool day, only near 70. Showers around, then are transition day is Sunday. Not too bad, mainly dry, mid 70s. And then though not hot, it looks very nice by Memorial Day, near 80, sunshine and low humidity.

But yeah, as we head into Wednesday, that is going to be our steamy scorcher with that high temperature at 94 degrees. Thursday, where 87 still pretty hot, but it's going to feel much better as we head towards the second half of the day and evening hours. And finally, we should start to pick up some measurable rain Friday and into Saturday, back to you in the studio.

SPEAKER 3: LC, thank you much.