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Philadelphia Weather: Next Chance For A Shower

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Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: Let's take a look at our weather now, and it's another gorgeous and calm evening. Here we get to the shot at the Jersey Shore. You're looking live at Cape May.

Meteorologist Kate Bilo joins us. And, Kate, we are in for a stretch of beautiful weather-- if we can call a couple days a stretch, I guess.

KATE BILO: Yeah, you know what? We can count the days we've already had, so--


KATE BILO: --Easter Sunday--

UKEE WASHINGTON: OK, that's good.

KATE BILO: --yesterday, today--


KATE BILO: --and the next couple of days look pretty good too. So we're ending the stretch, but we're going out on a high note--

UKEE WASHINGTON: That's good. That's always good.

KATE BILO: --over the next few days. Yes.

Let's take a look outside right now. Like we said, Center City, deep-blue sky. It is a great night to be outside. Maybe you hadn't been planning on sitting outside at one of our local restaurants or cafes for dinner. You may want to change that plan. It's gorgeous outside. Not quite as windy as yesterday either, though there is still a bit of a breeze.

Our high today so far, 72 degrees. That will likely end up being our official high. 60 the normal, so we were more than 10 degrees above average and 15 degrees shy of the record. We got up to 87 on today's date in 1929.

Temperatures right now still hanging out in the low 70s, so great weather for the Phils tonight, 72. Will still be in the low 70s at first pitch. 70 in Millville, 72 in Georgetown, and 66 right now in Wildwood.

Winds are out of the north and west. They're about 10 to 15 miles an hour. Not nonexistent, but there is a bit of a breeze. It's not as bad as it was last night, but you may want a light jacket if you are planning on heading out. Once the sun goes down and the breeze sticks with us, it may get a little bit on the cool side but nothing all that bad out there. Just really no complaints here or hopefully from you either on a day like today.

Tomorrow looks pretty good as well. What we have to watch is this system, this weak boundary, little front coming through the Great Lakes region. This is going to slide through overnight, and really the biggest appreciable impact for us will just be an increase in cloud cover. But tomorrow morning there is some indication that a few scattered sprinkles may try to stick around right into about midday, so it likely will not be quite as beautiful, at least for the first half of tomorrow, as today has been.

A mild stretch though. The afternoon tomorrow looks mostly sunny with a high near 70, and a bright and beautiful Thursday. We won't have the morning clouds or showers, so Thursday is a lot like today with highs in the low 70s once again. Two more days to enjoy this nice, mild weather.

47 tonight, mainly cloudy with a stray shower late and then the chance for a shower tomorrow morning. Otherwise partly sunny and mild in the afternoon, around 70 degrees.

But this big upper-level low-- we call that because it's in the upper levels of the atmosphere. They tend to be kind of large systems and slow movers-- will start to drag a little bit of unsettled weather into the region starting Friday. Just a couple of scattered showers Friday. Saturday a morning shower, but then Sunday looks to bring us our best chance to get some steadier rainfall, especially through the first half of the day.

So two more days of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. Tomorrow starts off a little gray with a shower though. Friday, 62, mostly cloudy, stray sprinkle. It's not that chilly, even though we drop down to the 60s. It's still seasonable. But showers Saturday, rain likely Sunday, and we will try to clear it out a little bit early next week. Ukee,

UKEE WASHINGTON: And, Kate, as you--