Philadelphia Weather: Pleasant Saturday

Lauren Casey reports.

Video Transcript

- It is a Summer Fest Friday here at CBS3 and this week we are out in Philadelphia's Franklin Square. The park celebrating its 15th season. The fountains are running. People are already out and about, enjoying some time outside. Meteorologist Lauren Casey is there tonight. And Lauren, we are all happy. It is the weekend. Now, we just need the weather to move out and just stay dry for us.

LAUREN CASEY: Yeah, absolutely, Jes. It's been really active over the last couple of days. And what things are going to dry out as we head into the evening hours, we certainly had a busy week with thunderstorm activity, downpours as well. Today, couldn't shake the showers, even though we got rid of the heat and humidity. But as we look ahead towards the weekend, I think we might be able to squeeze out an almost dry one, but yet it's been a nice afternoon here in Franklin Square.

I have done a lot of activities, rode the carousel, did pop up, made almost an amazing shot. Listen to the fountain, it played some music. It did some cool maneuvers. I had a butterscotch, krimpet, milkshake. But yeah, it's going to be a nice evening to get out and about. You still might want to have the umbrella just in case. But if you leave it behind, I think you'll be all right.

Still some showers in the forecast for this evening, but they should be pretty light in intensity. A lot of our shower activity is starting to wind on down. But that certainly hasn't been the case over the last 48 hours. We had a backdoor cold front come through yesterday, really popped off some thunderstorm activity and heavy downpours, especially South and West of the city. See those rainfall totals on the order of 2, 3 plus inches storms came through. Those showing us a different picture today.

Still rain, but mostly green on the reflectivity signatures. Meaning, it is lighter in intensity and starting now to become a little bit patchier in nature. High temperatures today. We did top off at 78 degrees. So that earlier in the day and then temperatures staying cool as we progress throughout the afternoon hours. Generally, couldn't escape the 60s.

For tonight, we'll get down to 61 degrees. Overnight low. Overcast conditions periods of drizzle. East wind at around 5 miles per hour there. Your high temperatures that occurred earlier in the day. Now that cooler air is settling in. But temperatures won't fall too far as we head into the overnight period.

For tomorrow, high temperatures, though, will rebound back up to seasonable levels. Could see a shower or sprinkle early in the morning, then generally decreasing clouds as we head throughout the afternoon hours. And as we head into Sunday, it will be a mainly dry day, though, we could see some storms popping late day, and especially as we head into Sunday night. Our next most active day looks to be on Monday, as a stronger cold front progresses through the area. But that will clear out some of that humidity that sneaks back up on Monday.

Looks like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Jes, are going to be absolutely beautiful days with very low humidity by June standards and high temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. Can't beat that forecast.

- That's true. Lauren, thank you so much.