Philadelphia Weather: Pleasant Today

Tammie Souza has your latest forecast.

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- Now, I know my friends who are allergy sufferers. They've kind of been suffering out there. So I don't know if the masks have been helping them too much, Tammie.

TAMMIE SOUZA: You know what? My son suffers from seasonal tree allergies, not quite as bad this year.

- Oh, good.

TAMMIE SOUZA: Maybe it is. Maybe it's the showering all that pollen off and changing that mask. I don't know, but we'll have to see. We'll see what happens next year.

Look at what you can expect today. We're going to have a weather roller coaster that's going to start up. We'll have a pleasant day today, so it'll be lovely today.

Tomorrow, we're going to see storm chances move in, and we'll see them again on Wednesday. So we're going to kind of switch off pleasant days every other day. Tuesday, between tomorrow and Wednesday, is going to be lovely with sunshine and 70s. And then the following Wednesday, there's a huge temperature dive. So we're all over the place this week.

Temperatures right now, 38 in Mount Pocono. We're looking at 48 in Redding, 50 in Philadelphia, 43 in Wilmington, Millville, 35. You're just in that low spot there, so always a little bit chillier. And Wildwood we're coming in at 41 degrees.

Across the region, there is nothing as far as a big weather maker. We do have some high, thin clouds in place, but we really don't have any rain. In fact, you can actually watch. All this moisture, it's moving from West to East, and that's because we have a westerly component to the winds, and that's a good thing. That's what's going to warm up into the 60s today.

57 if you're going to the Poconos. Today, we'll see that slow climb into the early and mid-afternoon. Rain chances increase to just maybe a spotty shower or a sprinkle later this afternoon. That's what happened yesterday as well.

All of the shore points. We're looking at about 62 degrees. Your rain chance is pretty much at 0. It's negligible. And you'll see partly to mostly sunny skies.

In Philadelphia, even a little bit warmer. We'll see mostly sunny skies once the cloud cover gives way. Up to 64 by about 4 or 5 o'clock this afternoon, and there is no rain chance out there. So you don't need the umbrella today.

Now, here's what's going on. That weather maker that was with us all week long, that stubborn system, is moving across the Atlantic to the East. We're on the backside, so we're still getting the winds coming around pretty much out of the West, and maybe some of the cloud cover in that kind of the backwash of it, and a sprinkle perhaps in the Poconos.

So here we go. Let's walk you through. Beautiful this morning once the clouds give way to sunshine. We'll see a mix of sun and clouds across some parts of the area this afternoon. Sprinkles possible in the Poconos.

We go into tonight, and tomorrow morning, we start to see the clouds increase. By tomorrow afternoon, a system comes in from the South, bringing us the chance of showers and thunderstorms. These will be widely scattered, but carry the umbrella just in case. This exits the area tomorrow night.

Tuesday sets up to be spectacular with 70s in the South wind. Then you notice that rain coming in across the Great Lakes. We have a huge storm system.

It'll blanket the Midwest in snow. Not us, though. It's going to bring us rain and thunderstorms on Wednesday, and behind it for Thursday, much cooler air. So how much rain can we expect? Maybe several tenths of an inch unless you're under a thunderstorm. That's on Wednesday, and that's the day that we're really going to be focusing on this week.

Tomorrow afternoon, a hit-and-miss shower storm. 64 out there for today. Partly sunny to mostly sunny, it's going to be a very pleasant day, much like yesterday.

46 for tonight. It will be partly cloudy out there. It'll be a mild night. Tomorrow, 66 with an afternoon shower storm.

73 Tuesday. A beautiful day there. Showers and storms, Wednesday. And then a huge temperature drop to 50s even 30s in the morning on Thursday. Jan.

- I know my morning report--