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Philadelphia Weather: Rain, A Few Rumbles Tonight

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Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: Let's give you a live look tonight at Center City, Philadelphia, from the CBS3 roof cam. Yeah, it's a dreary, wet Wednesday evening. So Kate, if you were in the seats at the Phils' opener tomorrow, you would have the poncho, right?

KATE BILO: You know what? I don't think you need the poncho. I think you want the heavy coat tomorrow.


KATE BILO: By afternoon, I don't think it's raining at 3:05. It's windy and it's cold. It's going to feel like the 30s outside during the course of the game. Not the best--

UKEE WASHINGTON: I'd rather have a warm rain [INAUDIBLE].

KATE BILO: --opening day forecast. Yeah, me too. You know what? Just like, let it rain, as long as it's 65 degrees outside.


KATE BILO: That's not going to be the case tomorrow. That's the case today, really. Temperatures have been in the 60s all day. It's been mild. But we do have rain moving through the region, and it's kind of on and off, spotty in nature, with the heaviest right now falling off to the south and east of Philadelphia. But light rain being reported at the airport currently. It is 60 degrees. It feels also like 60 degrees, which is nice. Winds are out of the south-southeast at 7 miles per hour.

But here's the system that's rolling through. And the actual cold front that's going to follow this system is off to the west. And you can see how some rain is now breaking out on the back edge of this here over Ohio. That's something we'll be watching very closely here later tonight as it will likely turn over to snow, especially for western Pennsylvania and western New York state. Tomorrow morning, it'll mix with snow for parts of our area.

Stormscan 3 right now shows a line of heavy rain and thunder moving through portions of Ocean, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland County, Salem County, as well, right down toward Dover, Delaware, and throughout the Delaware Bay. That's where the heaviest downpours are located, as well. We still have some light to moderate rain around the city and back into Chester County.

So it's a slow go on all area roads here this evening, and some heavy downpours and rumbles of thunder, flashes of lightning here over much of Delaware. That will continue to move through over the next few hours. Now, once that batch moves offshore, we have another line of showers and storms that will likely roll through the city around 9:00 or 10 o'clock tonight.

Then the back edge of this starts to come through overnight and into tomorrow morning. 3:30 AM, we may see some snow breaking out in the Poconos. Tomorrow, around 6:00, 7:00 AM, there will likely be a period of snow for the north and west suburbs, and possibly some flakes mixing in here in Philadelphia. But we'll take you to first pitch time. And through the course of the game, nothing more than a stray shower or flurry. But it is going to be cold.

As far as rainfall amounts, the heaviest for the rest of tonight will be down the shore and in Delaware with over an inch of rain in spots. Not expecting much accumulation, except for the highest elevations in the Poconos, which could pick up about an inch of snow. So rain and thunderstorms around tonight. 43 degrees, the overnight low. Again, severe weather threat is very low.

Tomorrow morning, rain with a few flakes mixing in. Very windy with late day flurries. And you can see the winds will pick up in the afternoon. So at first pitch for the Phils, winds gusting to about 32 miles per hour. That'll make our temperatures in the low 40s feel more like the 30s. And Friday is blustery and very cold. The good news? It's a quick rebound. So back to the 50s Saturday, a beautiful Easter Sunday, and Monday looking pretty nice, as well. Ukee?

UKEE WASHINGTON: All right. Kate, thank you.