Philadelphia Weather: Real Summery Weekend

Lauren Casey reports.

Video Transcript

- We got some lucky with a sunny but a steamy Saturday. So how long will we be in the 90s? Meteorologist Lauren Casey with word on that, and a tropical system? A subtropical system?

LAUREN CASEY: A subtropical system. Kind of a hybrid system, Joe we have right now, before the season even begins. This is a seventh consecutive season that we've had a named storm form before the season even started. And we have a subtropical storm Ana right now.

Subtropical meaning has tropical characteristics and also characteristics of a mid latitude cyclone. That's like a weather system we would see typically past the Delaware Valley on any given day, giving us rain. Right now, winds are at 45 miles per hour.

So a little bit of strengthening, but still a very weak system. You can see on satellite imagery, not very impressive. And the system is not very impressive. And it's going to run into cooler sea surface temperatures. It's going to run into wind shear, and is going to run into dry air, three enemies of a tropical or subtropical system. It's eventually going to dissipate in the North Atlantic as we head into the next couple of days.

Not going to be a threat to land. StormScan3 showing us not a threat any storm or rain activity. But we could use a couple of drops, now in the rainfall deficit for the month by an inch and a half. In Philadelphia, we had a drip drop or to move through Newcastle County, and also Salem County over the last couple of hours.

But that is not going to quench those thirsty lawns. Regional temperatures right now still very warm. We are at 78 degrees in Landsdale, 80 degrees in Northeast Philly. Temperatures still up at 80 degrees in Chester. Heading southbound, temperatures down the shore still extremely warm. 78 degrees right now in Cape May. We're at 79 in Dover.

Dew points are not oppressively high. But combine those with 90 degree heat and dew points in the upper 50s and it starts to feel very steamy, and may feel even steamier as we head into the day tomorrow, because we won't have that high level cloud cover to kind of filter out the sunshine. But we are going to go on to kind of a humidity roller coaster. Dew points show how sticky it feels.

When they cross that 60 degree threshold, it really starts to feel sticky. So pretty humid tomorrow, not so on Monday. Back up again on Tuesday or m and then back down again on Thursday and Friday. And for tonight, still very mild 68 degrees, maybe a stray shower, mostly all of us are going to be staying dry. Then for our day tomorrow, another 90 degree day in store.

92 degrees, mostly sunny as I mentioned, quite steamy with the chance of a stray thunderstorm at night. And that's about it for our rain chances. Down the shore mostly sunny, hot and humid. 90 degrees but only toes in the surf tomorrow, because of a high risk of rip currents along the Jersey coastline and at the Delaware beaches.

And plus, the water temperature, it's only 61 degrees. Hour by hour forecast, we're in the 80s before lunchtime tomorrow. Up into the low 90s as we head throughout the afternoon. And your seven-day forecast. Check out Monday, 71 degrees. Clouds, much lower humidity.

Tuesday or day of transition, more extreme heat on Wednesday and Thursday. Then towards the end of the week and the start of the holiday weekend, some much better rain chances. And we desperately need it at this point.

- You're giving us 90s but an ocean barely out of the 50s. That's cruel.

LAUREN CASEY: I know. I'm sorry. It's not me.

- Also, cold air conditioning when you're that close to the ocean.

LAUREN CASEY: Absolutely.

- Lauren, thank you so much.