Philadelphia Weather: Scattered Showers Around

Llarisa Abreu has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

- Weekend but be patient conditions will improve. Llarisa's got her flip-flops ready for the lantern flash. Don't kill him with those.

LIARISA ABREU: I'm ready. And since they said just caution when you see him. That's right in line with what I plan to do if I see any of.

- This I can see it right now.

LIARISA ABREU: Well, let us go ahead and talk weather. Because right now we are dealing with some rain out there luckily for us, this is nothing heavy. However, if you find yourself South of the region out in Maryland. Maybe you're traveling there for the weekend. That's where we do have some flood warnings that are still out and in effect right now. Back here at home. It's just light rainfall at the moment. The darker greens do show a hint of it trying to become a little more moderate, but right now, it is just light rain falling pretty much from the Lehigh Valley, extending South into Delaware and over into New Jersey.

In fact, we're going to go ahead and start here. Because yesterday we had rain across South Jersey. We had rain develop across in Delaware, and right now, what we're dealing with is just rain. There's no thunderstorms detected with any of this stuff that you see here on radar. A closer look further off towards the South showers have definitely developed and spread over Cape May County, but as you can see in Delaware Sussex County Delaware. Actually seeing a break in the action right now, which is good news. They were hard hit yesterday.

Your hour by hour shows that things do improve as the system continues to fizzle out. We're going to notice that rain begin to taper after 4 o'clock we should see conditions gradually dry out. The cloud cover remains though. But the nice thing is that, if you have plans for this Friday night, it should be a dry one. Cool indeed temperatures will be down into the 60s here by 8:00 PM. So if you will be having dinner with a loved one. Maybe heading outside today just keep that in mind. It is going to be a cool one with those temperatures in the 60s and those do points all the way down into the 50s. So the air will be a bit crisp out there.

7:15 shows drier conditions and we continue just like that on Saturday. We could see a touch of rain here Saturday. But right now I'm keeping us dry with decreasing cloud cover if you're heading down the shore cool there with temperatures in the low 70s. If you're here in Philly this is how it's shaping up to be. We'll see some sunshine a daytime high near 80. And some day the majority of the day looks dry late these showers are on tap. And then we could see an early thundershower as we kick off the workweek on Monday. We'll be right back.