Philadelphia Weather: Severe Storm Threat Thursday

Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

- Well, it's been a comfortable start to the month of June. Time to see what's in store for the rest of the week. Here's Kate.

- Thanks so much, Yuki. Yeah, May was very all over the place. We had lots of ups and lots of downs. Here's hoping June might be just a little bit more tranquil, maybe more seasonable each and every day. Today, certainly starting off the month on a nice, seasonable, quiet note. A beautiful morning with tons of blue sky and sunshine. A little cloudier this afternoon, but it still feels good out there with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s across the board. And lots of sun, especially south of the city right now.

Millville is sunny at 70. Atlantic City, 69. Wildwood, 68. Nice breeze off the water keeping it cool and comfy on the beach. 75 in Philadelphia. A few more clouds. And you can see the clouds have gathered in spots like Allentown, Redding, and Lancaster as well.

Here's a quick recap of the month of May. Now that we have started June, you can see we were all over the place. Stretches of extreme heat with 80s and 90s. Then this past weekend, no better than the low 50s. But we ended up with about 16 days below average, 14 days above average. Only one day right on target. And, of course, that's where averages come from after all.

Looking ahead tonight, we will see the clouds stay in place, but it stays mild. Cloudy nights will do that for you. Temperatures will not drop below the 60s overnight, so a comfy start to tomorrow morning. Tomorrow looking like more cloud cover than today with just the off chance of a shower, thundershower mainly north and west. And here's the system that's going to deliver it.

This is the storm system moving through the Mississippi Valley. This is a warm front here headed toward Cincinnati. That's what will lift mainly north of our area tomorrow. The associated cold front is going to bring us our chance for severe weather this week, but not until late on Thursday. So StormScan3 right now just showing a couple of patchy clouds. It will stay dry overnight. Nothing but a stray sprinkle into early tomorrow morning. And that would mainly be off to the north and west. Otherwise, it's mild at 61 degrees.

Your region-wide forecast for tomorrow it is another seasonable day. 78 in the city. 68 down the shore. A few more clouds. More clouds than sun at least for Philadelphia and the shore points. The Poconos and Lehigh Valley have the best chance of a spotty shower or thundershowers tomorrow.

So future weather. Here's what this looks like. Again, a couple of spotty showers, mainly well off to the north and west tomorrow. Otherwise, we'll see clouds and a few breaks of sun on and off throughout the day. But our cold front approaches Thursday. Now out ahead of the main front, there will be scattered shower activity right through midday, but it's later in the afternoon that the actual front comes through with the risk for some locally gusty thunderstorms that may even continue into Thursday night and possibly even a lingering thunderstorm Friday morning. So keeping an eye on this.

This is a developing situation. Thursday mainly late in the day-- afternoon into the evening. Damaging winds are possible. Lightning, heavy rain, possibly some small hail. And while the tornado risk is low, it's not zero. Cannot be ruled out in a situation like this one, so we will keep you posted as this develops through the week. Friday, a morning shower thunderstorm, then we'll try to clear it out.

And behind that cold front, doesn't get any colder. It goes the other way. We're up in the upper 80s for the weekend. 90 early next week. A nice summer-like stretch. If you can, get to the beach or the pool over Memorial Day weekend this weekend. We'll give you your shot.

- Yes, indeed. Thank you, Kate. Appreciate it. Sure will.