Philadelphia Weather: Severe Threat Through This Evening

Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: We are on the lookout for thunderstorms around the region. Hey Kate, what's the update?

KATE BILO: The update Ukee is that these are moving in very, very quickly and we will likely get into the storms within the hour here in Center City. You can see the dark clouds starting to move in. Right now, it is warm, it is steamy and mostly cloudy now in Philadelphia. We had some sun break through earlier today, and that helped destabilize the atmosphere a bit. So these storms have a lot to work with as they move in. 78 degrees, but look at that dew point, 68. Very steamy outside and storms love heat and moisture.

That's exactly what we've got going on. There's also one cell to watch over parts of Delaware here, portions of Suffolk County and moving over the Delaware Bay as well into Cape May County and Cumberland County in New Jersey. And you can see these pockets of heavy rain. We've started to see the first drops over Northwest Philadelphia and Delaware County. We've got lightning, thunder, heavy downpours over Montgomery County and all of Chester County.

And this is moving very quickly toward the I-95 corridor down toward Wilmington. So again, pockets of heavy rain where you see the red shading. We actually do now have a flash flood warning for parts of Chester County as rain has been falling there for the past hour or more leading to the risk for flash flooding, especially in those flood prone areas.

By about 7 o'clock, we start to see those storms progress through the city, likely between 6:30 and 7:00, then moving into the Jersey communities of Camden, Gloucester County, Salem County as well by about 7:15 into parts of Atlantic County at least inland by 8 o'clock. And then falling apart pretty quickly as they move down the shore later on tonight. We can't rule out a couple of showers overnight. But then tomorrow could start with a couple of showers in the morning, and then another chance for a few scattered storms in the afternoon.

Doesn't look really like anything severe, at least in the city. Maybe an isolated severe storm off to the South tomorrow. We'll finally clear it out as we head into the weekend. But as far as future weather is concerned, again, you can see this corridor of heavy rainfall expecting to see upwards of an inch, maybe even two inches in a few spots before the night is through. And that is why we're under a flash flood watch. This goes through 10:00 PM. As I said, we already have a flash flood warning in Chester County, so please be safe on the roads there.

Rainfall amounts with these storms could total up to two inches, leading to rapidly rising water, especially on smaller creeks and streams. Turn around, don't drown. Do not try to drive through standing or rushing water if it's covering a roadway. Tonight, 68. Those rain showers and storms will gradually end. A stray shower overnight. Then tomorrow we're looking at showers and thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon and not expecting anything as severe as today and not as heavy as today.

They will be more scattered in nature tomorrow. For the weekend, we're talking about 90s. The start of a June heat wave. 90 Saturday sunny, hot and humid. Sunday is an afternoon straight out of summer, 92 the high. Far cry from the 50s of last weekend. And we'll keep it hot into next week 90s Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. And storm chances return as we get into next week as well. Ukee back over to you.

UKEE WASHINGTON: Here it comes. All right Kate, thank you.