Philadelphia Weather: Severe Thunderstorm Threat

Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

JESSICA KARTALIJA: Well in other news, blue sky, sunshine, a warm picture perfect weather day, but now meteorologist Kate Bilo tracking stormy weather headed our way and a drastic drop in temperatures. Hi Kate.

KATE BILO: Hi Jessica. Yeah, we were in the mid 70s today. Nothing but sun. What a beautiful afternoon it was, and it's still gorgeous out there right now. 72 and sunny in Philadelphia.

We're not going to see these numbers for a while though, and it's all thanks to a strong cold front headed our way from the west. Tonight is still quiet, partly cloudy, mild turning breezy. It's been breezy all day. Winds will continue to gust to 30 miles an hour overnight. Our low tonight is 54 degrees.

Tomorrow starts out with clouds, but it will be a mild start to the day. We'll climb to 68 degrees. Mid-afternoon, a line of fast-moving showers and thunderstorms along a cold front, then turning much cooler and windy behind that front.

So here's the front that's coming through tomorrow. Yes, this is snow across parts of the Midwest, heavy snow in spots. The snow will miss us. The rain and temperature drop will not. You can really see how much colder the air must be behind this system. almost a clear line splitting winter and spring. Today felt like spring.

Tomorrow will start out feeling like spring as well. 2:30 AM, just some clouds, 58 degrees. We start the day in the 60s. We climb to the upper 60s. But then by mid afternoon, here comes this line of showers and storms. Doesn't look like a major severe weather threat, but there will be some gusty storms embedded within this line. Will likely move through the city between two and three o'clock, off the coast by 5 o'clock, and then it's already starting to turn colder. We're down to 50 by 7 o'clock, 43 by 11 o'clock, and you wake up Thursday morning to temperatures in the 30s feeling like the 20s thanks to the wind.

Your severe outlook, it's a marginal risk level one out of five for severe weather. Looks like gusty winds will be a concern. But again, it doesn't look like major severe weather outbreak situation tomorrow. But here's what it will feel like behind that front, like the mid 20s when you wake up Thursday morning, and Thursday afternoon not feeling much better than the 40s at all.

So tomorrow here comes the front, quick-hitting thunderstorms. Cold wind chills Thursday, but luckily it is a quick rebound back to the 60s Friday. Nice start to the weekend and more rain by Sunday. Jessica and Yuki, back over to you.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: All right, Kate. Thank you and thank