Philadelphia Weather: Severe Weather Threat Tomorrow

Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

- Well, hopefully you were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine today because we'll need our umbrellas again tomorrow. Here's Kate now. She's tracking some storms heading our way. And some of them, you're saying, could pack a punch, huh?

KATE BILO: That's right, especially right around this time tomorrow. Between about 4:00 and 6:00 tomorrow, right when we're on the air, it is going to be an active day here in the weather center. Some strong to severe storms rolling through. If you haven't gotten the chance to enjoy today's blue sky, you still have some time because these days are lasting longer and longer. We're less than three weeks away now from the summer solstice, which is the longest daylight of the year. The nights are getting longer as we head toward that mark. So the sun will be around for quite some time.

It looks beautiful in Center City right now. Not too hot, not too humid either. 76 degrees right now. The dew point is 54, which is pretty comfortable. Relative humidity about 46%. And just a light breeze from the South. Storms getting three shows a warm front, which produce showers. A couple of showers in the Poconos earlier today. That is now lifting away from us. There are some showers in Western Pennsylvania, but nothing locally.

As you can see though, the green is kind of closing in on all sides. Here's our next system, center of the low moving through Ohio. That will pass to the North. This cold front is likely what will bring us the severe threat tomorrow afternoon. But before we get there, we're going to have another round of showers and perhaps a few rumbles of thunder early tomorrow morning. This moisture you see over the Carolinas and Virginia.

So tomorrow is active really from start to finish. Though, it doesn't just pour all day. It's more convective pop-up thunderstorm and shower activity throughout the day. Tonight's low is 61. A few showers likely, especially as we get toward daybreak tomorrow morning. Tomorrow starts with rain showers, then a little bit of a break, then another line of strong storms in the afternoon and evening. And these storms will produce heavy rain. Some could be severe. The biggest threat would be damaging straight line wind gusts as this looks like a squall line of storms that will pass through in the afternoon.

So timing this out, that initial round of showers and storms in the morning likely between about 5:00 AM and 8:00 AM. Then late morning into the early afternoon, some breaks of sun. And that will get the instability going. A few isolated showers or storms possibly with some severe chances out ahead of the main line of storms. But it's tomorrow afternoon and evening, mainly between 4:00 and 6:00 that our highest threat for severe storms rolls through.

And again, here's what that looks like. One round comes through in the morning by 7:00 or 8:00, it's moving out. And a few scattered showers into midday. By about 3 o'clock, we start to see this line taking shape in the Western suburbs, will likely push through the city around 4:30, 5 o'clock. And you can see that squall line, this is 5:45, so a slow afternoon commute, heavy downpours, damaging winds possible. And then it will fizzle a bit as it reaches the more stable air down the shore, cooler air. Thanks to a bit of a sea breeze.

So a marginal or slight risk depending on your location. Most of us are in a slight risk for severe weather. That's level two out of five tomorrow, mainly tomorrow afternoon and evening. Strong winds, heavy rain. And while an isolated tornado does not appear likely, it cannot be ruled out with tomorrow's setup.

As we head into the weekend, Friday, a couple of scattered showers possible. The weekend though looks drier and much nicer for pool or beach plans than Memorial Day weekend was. Look at that warm up. We go from the low 80s over the next two days to near 90 Saturday, 90 Sunday, and into the 90s both Monday and Tuesday. Well, June heat wave could be on the docket as we head into next week.

- All right. Kate, thank you.