Philadelphia Weather: Showers & Storms Today

Meteorologist Matt Peterson has your forecast.

Video Transcript

- Turning to our forecast, meteorologist Matt Peterson is standing by. A busy day for you, Matt, because you're tracking some possibly severe weather. Good morning.

MATT PETERSON: Yeah, good morning, Jan. Going to be our first bout of possible severe weather in this spring season. And I won't say that it's coming maybe earlier than it usually does. Because we are into spring. But it's been a while since we've had to talk about any kind of even just plain thunderstorm activity, no less severe thunderstorms here across the Delaware Valley.

The rain hasn't moved in just yet. We are watching the leading edge of this precipitation now moving through areas like York, Pennsylvania towards Harrisburg as well. This is a warm front that's going to be rolling through here this morning. It's going to actually clear all the way up into the Poconos, and maybe even close to the New York border.

And that will allow for our first round of rain to start, and a couple of thunderstorms here this morning as well. But then it'll start to trail off as we get towards the afternoon. And then we wait for a trailing cold front to come through.

And before that front gets here, that second front, that cold front, we end up in what we like to call the warm sector as that front sits to our north, the warm front does. Warm, humid, the atmosphere is primed and ready to go for that chance for maybe some severe weather.

So as we get into this morning, this is 8 o'clock on future weather. Showers now starting to move on in. Temperatures, for the most part, are pretty mild for 8 o'clock in the morning. Talking about 50s out there. And we get that southerly wind drawing in the more-- the humidity, the moisture that we need.

By 10 o'clock, though, look. Showers taking over the entire region. Some of that rain could be heavy. We're talking about even some morning thunderstorm chances. We're getting a lot of yellow, and orange, and even some red mixing in our future weather here, indicating those pockets of heavier rain as we go through the morning.

Then as we get to around lunchtime, showers start to taper off as that front, that first warm front, pushes even further to the north. Here's our break in the action as we go from about noon to 3 o'clock. We could even have a little bit of breaks of sunshine breaking through the clouds, temperatures getting up into the 70s. A lot of humidity for us.

And then here comes our cold front as we get to around 5 o'clock. It's out in our western counties, parts of Berks County up into the Lehigh Valley, the Poconos as well. You still see where it's 70 degrees or 72 in the city. That front will move through around 6 o'clock. That will be our best chance here in the city to see strong thunderstorms, gusty winds, heavy downpours, and then that front continues its eastward trek by 7:00, 8:00. 9 o'clock, it pushes off the coastline.

And then we start to cool it down on the backside of this system. Talking about temperatures on Monday morning under clear skies that could be in the 40s. So a big drop from today to tomorrow morning.

When it comes to our severe potential today, it's heavy rain, lightning, damaging wind gusts, of course, as that front comes through in the evening. An isolated tornado chance is not totally ruled out with this. The best chance for that, though, is going to stay across central and southern Delaware. maybe some areas of south or southwest New Jersey could get into that rotation area, where we could have that tornado chance. But again, Delaware, at this point, looks like it's going to be the prime bull's eye area for the worst of the severe weather.

But strong, gusty winds will be possible across the board. 71 for our high today, 50s tomorrow, windy and sunny. Jan, we get back to the 60s quickly by Tuesday. But look, for Wednesday and Thursday, some rain back in the forecast and chilly for not just Thursday for the Phillies, but for the first day of April as well.

- I know. It's that time of year, though, I suppose.

MATT PETERSON: The time of year for 40s?

- Isn't it? Doesn't it only go up and down at this time of year? No?

MATT PETERSON: I don't know. Our high's right around the low to mid 50s. So I don't know. We're going to be almost 10 degrees below average.

- Agree to disagree. No, I'm just kidding.

MATT PETERSON: I don't know.

- All right, thanks, Matt. Appreciate it.