Philadelphia Weather: Showers For The Weekend

Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: Came back here after a gorgeous spring day. Rain is on the way. Let's get that timeline now. Hey Kate.

KATE BILO: Hey there. Yeah, we do have some showers. You know what? It is not going to be a complete washout really any day through the weekend. But we will have clouds and scattered showers. Just an unsettled weather pattern. We tend to use the word unsettled when we mean just cloudy, a couple of showers here and there. Not a huge washout. You'll still get a chance to get outside.

But after what we've been enjoying all week, sunshine and highs in the 70s, it is definitely going to feel like a step backwards for Friday and the weekend as the clouds roll back in. Current conditions does show increasing clouds, mainly cloudy right now. It's 54 degrees at the airport. Today's high made it all the way up to 72, more than 10 degrees above average. Still quite shy of the record, which was 1929 on April 8 on that date. It was a hot one. I'll take 72 any day of the week over 90. 45 degrees with our morning low, which is pretty seasonable again.

So here's the system that we're watching as we get into Friday and the weekend. This is part of a larger what we call upper level low pressure system. So it is not a surface lower surface front this is an area of circulation in the upper levels of the atmosphere. They tend to be very slow moving, very large areas of circulation and just kind of dominate the pattern for days and days. That is what we've been seeing over the Midwest over the past few days.

And this is going to continue just slowly meandering eastward through the end of the week and into the weekend. So this line of showers and thundershowers you see here over western Pennsylvania will try to slowly shift northward as we get into tomorrow, and then Saturday and Sunday as well. So that upper low arrives tomorrow. It will be mostly cloudy. A couple of scattered showers, but again, not a washout. They're few and far between. And same story Saturday. Most of Saturday looks dry, a couple of sprinkles and that's about it.

The best chance for any appreciable shower and thunderstorm activity comes on Sunday. So let's break it down. Tonight we're down to 49, slowly increasing clouds. Tomorrow mostly cloudy, a couple of spotty showers, but it is still mild. It's cooler, but it is not cool because 61 is the average, so 64 is actually still above average. And you can see the showers mainly off to the west tomorrow morning. And that's mainly where they will stay off to the north and west through most of the day.

A few spotty sprinkles tomorrow evening around this time and into Saturday morning. Saturday most of the day is dry, but it is cloudy. Then Sunday we'll start off with some heavier showers in the morning, that band lifts out, then I think we get maybe a couple of hours of sunshine before the chance for a thunderstorm rolls through on Sunday afternoon. So your weekend headlines, not a washout, but not a sunny blue skies 70 degree day either. A few showers Saturday, mostly cloudy. Thunderstorm chance Sunday.

So morning showers, a break in the action, then an afternoon thunderstorm. Highs this weekend though will be in the low 70s both days. So it's actually going to be a pretty mild weekend just again unsettled. Spotty, pop-up showers and storms likely pretty much at any time. And then next week we'll try to clear things out. We'll get some sun back, and highs are in the mid 60s. Jessica back over to you.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: All right Kate, thank you.