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Philadelphia Weather: St. Patrick's Day Forecast

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Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: Let's check our forecast now. And some neighborhoods could see a bit of rain or even some snowflakes. Kate, tell us more about this what, last gasp of winter.

KATE BILO: Winter does not want to let go. It almost lost last week. We got to 74 degrees last Thursday. But winter said, I got one more week. Not so fast.

UKEE WASHINGTON: No, not so fast.

KATE BILO: Yeah, not so fast, my friends. I got one more week to come back around. And we felt it outside today.


KATE BILO: It has been gray, it's been chilly. Temperatures only in the 40s. Some spots did see a few snowflakes. It was very light, as promised. Scattered rain and snow showers. And we still have the chance outside tonight, but right now, it's really not doing much of anything.

Center City seeing a little bit of light rain or drizzle, but most of the showers have now moved toward the shore points. It is still chilly, though. 38 degrees. There's a wind out of the east southeast, and an east wind brings that moisture and also the chill right off the Atlantic Ocean. I feel cold just thinking about it. 33 is what it feels like outside, thanks to that East wind.

Temperatures will not drop much overnight, though. They're going to hover pretty close to where we are right now, upper 30s. Not going to see a big plummet in the temperature tonight, which is a good thing. Not going to be as cold as recent nights, but still kind of damp and chilly clouds, and perhaps a few sprinkles.

So most of the showers are moving out, but you can still see just a couple of flurries back here to the west. A couple of rain showers may roll through later on tonight. With temperatures staying above freezing, I don't think most of us have to worry about slick conditions on the roads or anything like that, but still some light rain and drizzle is possible.

Widening out, you can see there's just not much, though. A couple of sprinkles and that's about it. Our system that comes in on Thursday, though, is going to bring a better chance of some heavier rainfall, which we do need, by the way. 37 degrees tonight, a few light rain or snow showers, chilly and damp otherwise with a southwest wind.

Here's your St. Patrick's Day forecast, 52, mainly cloudy, not as cold. We start the day off near 40, which is not bad, and then it's more seasonable for the time of year. So really not a terrible St. Patrick's Day. It'll look like Ireland outside with the gray skies out there and everything turning green. Good day to sit outside and celebrate, though you will still need the winter coat. But a very low chance of precipitation tomorrow.

Thursday, though, that changes. 100% chance of rain on Thursday. Friday's closer to 60%. And then it dries out quite a bit as we head through the weekend. So rain returns Thursday as we transition from winter to spring. The good news is, because we warm back up to the 50s, this looks like, at least on Thursday, it's all rain, with the heaviest coming Thursday evening.

Then Friday, first part of the day, as cold air rushes in behind the system, if the precipitation lasts long enough, this could end as a brief period of snow or a wintry mix. High pressure then builds in on Saturday. And it looks like that high's going to dominate for quite some time, bringing sunshine and a gradual warming trend into next week.

So your Eyewitness Weather seven-day forecast. Mostly cloudy tomorrow, but dry. Rainy all day Thursday. Then Friday, here comes the cold. Rain changing over, mixing with snow to finish out winter on a snowy note. Good job, winter. Winter's playing the long game here. 43 degrees, but then we flip the switch. It's spring on Saturday. 50 and sunny, and right back to the 60s. Great day to get outside there on Sunday. Much, much nicer weather ahead once we get through Friday. Ukee?

UKEE WASHINGTON: Winter is leaving.

KATE BILO: Winter is gone.