Philadelphia Weather: Staying Mild Through Friday

Meteorologist Kate Bilo has your forecast.

Video Transcript

JESSICA KARTALIJA: It should be nice all week.

KATE BILO: Yeah, we've got warm temperatures all week. There's a couple of days though, Jessica, that aren't going to be quite as nice as others, namely Wednesday. Wednesday is kind of the dud of the week. So if you're planning your outdoor activities, planning your outdoor runs and walks, Wednesday's the day you may want to stay inside. The rest of the week looking pretty good. Friday is another day to watch. It's also going to be the warmest day of the week though, Friday.

Center City looking beautiful outside right now. Current conditions in the 60s. 64 in Philadelphia, 64 Wilmington, 63 in Allentown. It's a little cooler in Mount Pocono, and certainly cooler down the shore. You can see the green shading here, thanks to the onshore flow off the Atlantic Ocean keeping things a little bit cooler. The ocean water is still chilly, so you're going to feel that influence on the beach.

Looking ahead, 62 degrees at 6:00. It's not all that cold tonight, but with warmer more humid air starting to move in, we are going to see some low clouds and fog try to develop, just patchy fog as we get into tomorrow morning. So there may be some areas of reduced visibility out there tomorrow.

Storms again, three otherwise is quiet and it is going to stay mild all week, even if it's not dry all week we're in the 60s or yes, the 70s all week long and right into the weekend. Morning fog and low clouds tomorrow, possibly into Wednesday. It does turn unsettled midweek, so that's the system on Wednesday. A little break in the action Thursday, and then Friday is our first day where we're really just going to feel the muggies descend. It'll be a steamy day with temperatures in the mid 70s, and then cooling off for the weekend.

So tonight, 41, areas of fog developing overnight into tomorrow morning. Mainly clear and calm otherwise with just a light northeast wind. For tomorrow, we've got a high of 64. That'll feel great. It may start out looking a little gray and gloomy, but eventually the low clouds and fog will mix out. It'll turn out mostly sunny and mild in the afternoon.

So you can see some ups and downs in the forecast here. Tomorrow's dry, rain on Wednesday. Thursday looks quiet, rain on Friday. Saturday is dry, and you guessed it, another chance for rain on Sunday. Here's the first system, comes in through the day Wednesday. And you can see 6:30 in the morning, we've got some rain breaking out steady at times through the mid-afternoon hours. Wednesday is just a damp and rainy day. But then we clear it out Thursday, and that's when it turns warmer.

After this system Wednesday moves out, out ahead of another front, we're into the 70s on Thursday. Showers possible at night, but most of the day looks good. This front comes through Friday, with the chance for even a shower thunderstorm, but it is going to be warm and muggy.

So your Eyewitness Weather 7-day forecast, nice tomorrow after morning clouds, Wednesday is the dud. Thursday sun and clouds at 71, Friday we're up to 74 with showers and winds picking up, and then it does get cooler by the start of the weekend. But still a really nice day, and still above average at 62 degrees on Saturday. Jessica, back over to you.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: All right, Kate. Thank you.