Philadelphia Weather: Sunny, Comfy Saturday

Meteorologist Matt Peterson has your forecast.

Video Transcript

- To the forecast now with meteorologist Matt Peterson. And a great-looking sunrise happening down the Shore. Hi, Matt.

MATT PETERSON: Yeah, that is right, Jan. It wouldn't be a Saturday morning if I didn't take us down the Shore at least briefly. This is Ocean City, a gorgeous start to the day down at the Shore. The sun is going to come up. And I'm telling you what, if you're down at the beach today, I know it's not going to maybe think about Memorial Day just yet. And the summer season hasn't started just yet. But it's going to feel absolutely fantastic.

Even this morning down at the shore, temperature-wise, well, pretty mild, to say the least. 50 degrees right now for us. In Cape May, we're looking at those 40s in areas like Wildwood all the way up through Sea Isle, Ocean City, and AC, as well. 49 for us, actually, this morning in Atlantic City, with a 48 to start out the morning. In Ocean City, there on the boardwalk, would be a great morning to take a stroll on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Across the rest of the area, not a whole lot different than what we're having down the Shore. 43 this morning in Millville, 49 in the city, 47 in the Lehigh Valley there in Allentown. And a little bit cooler, as you might expect, in the Pocono Mountains. We wake up to 43 degrees.

But take a look at what is going to be like this afternoon across the region. Sunshine, 69 degrees, low humidity in Philly. We're talking at the Shore a high of 60 today. So a little bit cooler than the city itself, but not bad. And 61 up in the Pocono Mountains with a few extra clouds. But again, the lack of humidity going to be feeling absolutely fantastic.

Then as we go through the overnight hours tonight, a very mild night for us. It's setting up for what could be a bit of a rocky end to the weekend on Sunday. Overnight lows in the 50s for the most part in the city. We'll drop it down to 52.

Then we turn our eyes to this system that, right now, is out in the nation's midsection. Showers and thunderstorms across Iowa, parts of Wisconsin, and into Minneapolis, towards Minneapolis, Minnesota as well. That low gonna track eastward through the Great Lakes during the day today and enter into the Delaware Valley as early as tomorrow morning.

So here is future weather. 5:15 on Sunday morning. We're jumping ahead to tomorrow. Showers already starting across the region. Could have a couple of morning, brief areas of heavier downpours. You see those yellows and oranges mixing in with the green here right around 10:15 in the morning. We could also even have a morning rumble of thunder. So that's what we're going to watch for early in the day.

Then as we get towards lunchtime, and actually from about noon to about 3:00 or 4 o'clock, we get much more spotty shower activity. We could even get a total break in the action. And we're going to have an influx of southerly winds drawing in warm and sticky air.

So we're going to prime the atmosphere in the early afternoon for this cold front that comes through around 4:00, 5:00, 6 o'clock. It's got-- strong line of thunderstorms will roll through the area across I-95 right around 6 o'clock in the afternoon. Could have some very strong gusty winds and also some very heavy downpours with that cold front as it comes through. It will exit as we head towards the evening.

So with that thunderstorm threat out there, we do have a marginal risk, a one out of five for severe weather from about I-78 down into central Delaware. And then central and southern parts of Delaware, that is our two out of five-- our slight risk of severe weather. Heavy downpours and strong gusty winds will be the biggest threat for us tomorrow.

Overall, rain will be just about a half an inch to an inch. But within those stronger thunderstorms, we could have as much to an inch and a half of rain. 69 degrees for our high today, 71 tomorrow. But that threat for a shower and thunderstorm is there. Cool to start the week out, Jan. And then 60s on Tuesday. Another chance for some showers there for the start of April by Thursday.

- There it is. OK, Matt. Thanks so much.