Philadelphia Weather: Sunny, Nice Thursday

Kate Bilo reports.

Video Transcript

JESSICA KARTALIJA: Well, the sun is shining again this afternoon after a few spotty showers earlier today. The weather is perfect for these beautiful cherry blossoms, blooming near the Brandywine Zoo in Wilmington.

Drone Watch 3 capturing the gorgeous weather. Thanks for that, Tommy G.

Meteorologist Kate Bilo is here. So can we keep it going for another day, maybe?

KATE BILO: I think one more day we can keep it going. But you know, Jessica, some allergy sufferer's probably watching that video, and it's just making them sneeze reflexively.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: We have the tissues right here.

KATE BILO: Yes lots of tissues, lots of allergy meds in evidence this week at my house as well. Because of all that pollen, everything is blooming all at the same time. You can see almost every tree, every plant out there has new buds on it. It's beautiful to see, but the winds have been strong as well and blowing all that pollen around right in your windows and doors. So I know it's been a rough one this week for allergy sufferers.

But a beautiful, beautiful afternoon, and some showers this morning so you don't have to water the flowers, water the plants if they're outside, the showers did that for you mid-day, and now we've got sunshine.

And we have hit 70 degrees in Philadelphia, that was our forecast high. It took a while to get there, but we did. 70 degrees right now in Philadelphia. 72 in Allentown. It is 73 in Reading. 69 in Mount Holly. Much cooler down the shore, only in the 50s in Atlantic City and Wildwood. But still hanging out around 70 degrees. But up that for your outdoor dining, 70 this evening at dinnertime, 66 tomorrow, Friday not quite as nice with a few showers around.

And that is courtesy of our next system that we are watching. That's going to bring some clouds and put a damper on these beautiful sunny days we've been enjoying. Now we're not expecting a washout Friday or Saturday, even Sunday showers and storms will be a bit spotty in nature. But not a lot of sun over those few days, and especially Friday you'll notice at least a little bit of a cool down, though still at or above average.

Tonight 48, mainly clear, still mild. Tomorrow's another beautiful day, sunny and nice, above average again. There's a light breeze out of the East. We'll hit 71 for the daytime high. It will be cooler at the coast, once again thanks to that wind off the Atlantic Ocean.

Then it turns unsettled. As we get into Friday, you can see the first band of showers associated with this upper low starts to roll through. They will be scattered in nature throughout the course of the day, mainly off to the South and West during the morning, and then a few spotty showers right around the afternoon or evening hours in the city.

Saturday same story, a few bands of showers, basically you have to be on notice for a stray shower at any time Friday, Saturday and especially Sunday. That's when it looks like a batch of steadier rain may come through in the morning, followed by the chance for a thunderstorm in the afternoon. But as that warm air lifts in ahead of that cold front Sunday, it will actually warm up quite nicely with temperatures headed to around 70 degrees.

So again not a washout, we're talking a 20 or 25% chance of rain Friday and Saturday after a beautiful day tomorrow. Sunday brings our best chance for downpours, and then it does start to dry out again next week. Still not a 0% chance of rain, but a shower possible Monday morning and possibly Tuesday or Wednesday as well. Otherwise we're trying to climb out of that unsettled pattern.

So one more beautiful day to enjoy, then cooler Friday with a stray shower, mostly cloudy Saturday, a couple of showers possible, best chance for any appreciable rain and a thunderstorm comes on Sunday.

So, Ukee, I wish we could keep the nice stuff going for the weekend, but I know you will probably be parked in front of a golf tournament anyway.

UKEE WASHINGTON: A golf tournament, that's exactly right.

KATE BILO: The golf tournament.

UKEE WASHINGTON: I was just getting ready, you were reading my mind. Sunday, right here on CBS, the final round of the Masters.

KATE BILO: And it looks beautiful in Augusta on Sunday. Maybe not so nice Friday and Saturday. Some storms there.

UKEE WASHINGTON: Okey dokey. All right, Kate. Thanks so much.