Philadelphia Weather: Sunny, Seasonable Saturday

Kate Bilo reports.

Video Transcript

- I'm ready to slam dunk winter. It's sunny but windy and cold, Kate. I think we all are happy to welcome spring.

KATE BILO: Sorry, I was watching the games. What?

- Oh, She's good. She's good.


She's good.

KATE BILO: That was a good one. Talk about it. And we love an upset around here.


KATE BILO: All right. Well, you know what? Spring is going to come in with the upset over winter here this weekend. Big changes on the way. Today is beautiful to look at but it's cold outside. It's windy, blustery. Temperatures are only in the 40s despite this bright blue sky. But winds are dying down tonight and we are going to start a new season in a whole new way tomorrow. So 48 degrees outside right now. Wind gusts have actually fallen off the map. They were gusting to 25, 30 miles an hour earlier. Now we have a north wind 16 miles an hour-- so still a cool breeze-- but not as bad. 42 is what it feels like outside.

Looking ahead it's going to be a colder night than recent nights, certainly thanks to the clear skies and that cool breeze that has infiltrated. Temperatures will likely drop below freezing. So we'll have some ground to make up tomorrow. That said, we've got dry conditions. The rain that came through last night is out of here. We've got sunshine on the way for the weekend and we did get that much needed rain. So now we can enjoy our dry stretch guilt free here. 0.92 inches came down yesterday in Philadelphia. That's the highest single day total we've seen since February 28th when we got over an inch.

For tonight, 30 degrees, clear, cold, and quiet. Winds are light out of the north. So winds die down and your Saturday looks pretty great. We start spring at 56 degrees, sunny, seasonable, right about where we should be for mid to late March. Winds light out of the west-northwest. And so we are going to switch that dial from winter right to spring. There we go. Thank you Mr. Hand. Let's go out the window. You can see the snow is going away.

The Spring Equinox tomorrow morning, 5:37 AM, sunrise at 7:03, sunsets at 7:13. Over 12 hours of daylight on the docket tomorrow. And all of those hours will be sunny. 56 degrees tomorrow. 60s returns Sunday and Monday. Tuesday looks nice but then some spring showers start to roll in. Two systems, one Wednesday, one late Thursday into Friday bringing a renewed chance for some rain. We'll be right back.