Philadelphia Weather: Sunshine, Warmth Stick Around

Kate Bilo reports.

Video Transcript

- Well, let's talk about the forecast now. And we are 3 for 3 when it comes to beautiful weather this work week. Kate, come on, can we make it? Four in a row.

KATE BILO: Four in a row. Let's do it. Four in a row, tomorrow is going to give even yesterday a run for its money. as far as how nice it's going to be. Just a gorgeous day outside. We're talking a stretch of 70s to start the work week. But unfortunately, it's not going to last. It's not going to get all that much cooler, but we are going to see a better chance for showers starting on Friday.

So Center City right now looking fine. It is quiet and it's not like the past two nights when we have had some areas of showers roll on through. 55 degrees the current temperature in Philadelphia, which is mild for the time of year. Our daytime high took its time. We started the day with clouds and scattered showers but we did eventually hit 70 for the high today. We started the day at 50, which is well above average by 9 degrees on both ends here.

The record 90 set back in 1929 on April 7th. Not quite that hot today. You can see a couple of showers and even a rumble of thunder earlier over Western Pennsylvania. All of this is staying off to the South and West for us. What we have to watch though is this next system. And you see that well-defined comma shape. We look for that on the small scale with thunderstorms, what we call the mesoscale. And also, on the large scale, which we call the synoptic scale.

There's the center of the low over portions of Northeastern Kansas. And you can see the swirl of clouds and showers and storms. Severe weather across the deep South. This same system is going to be impacting really the entire Eastern half of the country through the rest of the week and through the weekend. For us, the most notable impacts will likely be on Sunday.

So tonight is dry, 48 degrees, mainly clear and mild. Winds are out of the North just light, 5 miles per hour. And a beautiful Thursday on tap tomorrow. Abundant sunshine. Temperatures again about 10 degrees above average. Light winds and low humidity but it will be noticeably cooler at the coast. Thanks to a light breeze off the Atlantic Ocean. So you'll notice that if you're down the shore.

Tomorrow in the city, 71, sunny and nice above average once again. But precipitation chances start creeping up. Friday, Saturday, night or day is a washout but there will be a couple of scattered showers. Sunday brings our best chance for rain and a couple of showers may linger into early Monday. So 9:45 tomorrow morning, it's sunny. Clouds off to the West but most of the day looks dry and bright.

Then as we get into Friday, clouds increase. The day is kind of gray. Scattered showers possible in the evening. But again, not a washout and. Same story Saturday. Cloudy but just a couple of sprinkles here and there, maybe even some late day clearing. That next front though arrives on Sunday. And that's when we could pick up the chance for showers and thunderstorms.

So again, not the wettest stretch we've ever seen. And it does actually warm up again over the weekend as that system approaches. But not the bright blue sky we've seen all week long. 71 tomorrow. 63 by Friday though. A couple of showers Saturday. Showers perhaps a thunderstorm Sunday. And then we try to clear out. We're back to the mid 60s, early next week. Jessica back over to you. OK, Kate. Thank you.