Philadelphia Weather: Terrific Spring Tuesday On Tap

Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

- OK. We've seen plenty of sunshine today. But it's been on a windy. What's in store for the rest of the week?

KATE BILO: We've got a lot in store for the rest of the week. Every day this week is a little bit different-- from a nice sunny spring day tomorrow to a rainy day Wednesday, then a cold blustery day Thursday, even with some snowflakes, then sunny and cold on Friday. It's going to be a bit of a wild ride getting us toward the holiday weekend.

Center City, right now looking beautiful, but it doesn't feel quite as nice as it looks, just because it is quite windy outside, and temperatures are a little bit cooler than they had been earlier in the weekend and last week-- but not bad outside, certainly, for a March day. The sun is shining. Temperatures are in the 50s in Philadelphia right now, Wilmington and Atlantic City as well, 55 in Millville, 51 in Allentown. And you can see, winds right now sustained at about 10 to 15 miles an hour from the west and northwest.

We are still reporting some gusts out there as well, winds gusting to 23 miles an hour at the airport, 24 miles per hour there in Atlantic City. So it is a blustery, chilly afternoon, especially in light of what we've been enjoying. Stormscan3, though, shows quiet conditions. Here's the front that came through last night, bringing the severe weather and the wind damage that is now a thing of the past.

But you can see where the cold winds are coming from, even some lake effect snow, a lot of it earlier today across portions of New York state, and some even in western Pennsylvania.

Locally, nothing going on-- and that will be the case through tonight and into tomorrow. Hour by hour tonight, it does get a little chilly. But watch the winds-- winds down here in the bottom of the bar. And winds are really going to die down. We'll drop to 42 by 2:00 AM. But winds are calm. We'll be in the upper 30s early tomorrow morning, but not a lot of wind tomorrow.

And in fact, we're going to start to feel a south wind pick up, which is going to make it feel nice and mild tomorrow. Tomorrow is the shining star of the week-- 65 degrees, sunny, mild just a fantastic spring day.

Then, our next system approaches. This is on Wednesday. We'll start with showers in the morning, then some pockets of steadier rain Wednesday afternoon and evening. But look how much colder this area is behind the cold front. You can tell that because of the rain is going to be changing over to snow in spots, especially in western New York state and western Pennsylvania.

And as this comes through for us, as the cold air moves in with the precipitation still falling, this may even end as a brief mix of rain and snow and some late day flurries in the city of Philadelphia.

So a cold start to April-- windy Thursday, in the mid 40s, with the chance for a couple of snowflakes. Near record cold Friday-- we're going to start the day with lows in the mid to upper 20s. But if I can skip ahead to the weekend, here's some good news-- 55 Saturday, sunny and quiet, a warming trend begins, just in time for a beautiful Easter Sunday at 65 degrees, with sunshine.

Only three days now, by the way, until the Phillies home opener, six days till Easter Sunday, 34 days until our average high is 70, and 63 days until Memorial Day. Again, you've got that cold spell Thursday and Friday. But get it over with during the workweek, and the weekend looks beautiful and even warmer early next week.

- Yeah, it looks good. All right, Kate. Thank you.