Philadelphia Weather: Tracking Rain Tonight, Thursday

Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

- Well, it's turning into a wet end to this Wednesday afternoon. Meteorologist Kate Bilo busy tracking the rain. Hi, Kate.

KATE BILO: Hi, Jessica. Yeah, it is not very nice looking outside right now. It's not really raining heavily, at least in the city. Got a little light rain and drizzle. A few sprinkles here and there but you can see just how overcast and how gray and damp it has become, especially after this beautiful start to the day. It was blue skies, sunshine, to start the day, and now, things have changed.

And we've seen the steadiest rain mainly south of the city. You can see that reflected in the temperatures, as well. It's only in the 50s right now in Millville, Wildwood, Georgetown, Cheswold, Wilmington. Further north where there has been less rain, it's not much warmer but five degrees or so in spots. Reading, 62. Allentown, 60. Atlantic City also sitting at the 60 mark.

So looking ahead, we're going to expect some more showers to roll through overnight. At least for the city, the next few hours look relatively quiet as most of the showers will stay to the south. Overnight, it will invade a little bit more. So 2:00 AM, 4:00 AM, 7:00 AM, temperatures still in the 50s but scattered showers in the forecast.

The good news with this system is that the band of soaking rain that we've been talking about all week long has-- appears to be shifting to the north and east so it looks like with each model run, we're seeing that band shift further away. We will pick up rain into tonight and likely tomorrow as well. But the heaviest rain and the threat for flooding is going to miss us to the north and east.

So right now light to moderate rain across much of South Jersey and Delaware. Showers around Wilmington right now. There are a few breaks in the action as well. But, again, it's just a rainy evening there. Raining into the week as well.

Periods of rain tonight. Rain likely early tomorrow, at least in the form of scattered showers. But like I said, a lot of our short-range models are trending even drier for the day tomorrow, then breaks of sun Friday but only in the 50s on Thursday and Friday.

Tonight's low down to 51. Periods of rain, areas of patchy fog. Tomorrow, we may see a little rain or showers in the morning, turning breezy. 58 degrees. And here's what that looks like. There's the rain for tonight, and then it starts to get absorbed into this upper low. But by the time it really starts to come down heavily, most of this is already away from us. And we may even see some breaks of sun late in the day tomorrow.

So rain accumulation-wise, looking at maybe a quarter to a half an inch at most. Most of the rain, the threat for flooding, is going to miss us to the north and east.

But when you wake up Friday morning, you're going to feel a little brief winter chill with Feels Like temperatures in the 20s and 30s. And then it's not going to be fun. You'll need the coat on Friday. Afternoon highs only feeling like the low 40s, despite climbing to the 50s.

But a quick rebound we're back to near 60 Saturday. 64, Sunday. And then it looks like we'll make a run at 70 pretty quickly early next week.

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[? The coat ?] on standby. OK. Thank you, Kate.