Philadelphia Weather: Warm End To The Weekend

Matt Peterson has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

JAN CARABEO: Here at home with meteorologist, Matt Peterson. So, Matt, it should be a pretty nice day out there. Good morning.

MATT PETERSON: Yeah, good morning, Jan. Going to be a good one for us for our Sunday. If you were hoping for warmer temperatures after what was a little bit of a cool start to the weekend yesterday, especially with the breeze, you're going to be in luck. These were the highs yesterday. We came in a couple of degrees below average in the city. We got to 67 for the high. That was our high in Wilmington, Dover, and Millville too, but look. We stayed in the 50s in the Poconos and down the shore even. AC was 68, but 64 in Wildwood, and again, we had that strong wind that was still gusting to around 30 miles an hour. So it was a little bit cool out there for Saturday afternoon, but things are already changing.

MATT PETERSON: Now, our temperature yesterday and the afternoon, 67 degrees. Right now, we're at 58, so we really didn't drop off all that much from yesterday afternoon now here into this morning. Officially, we are reporting a mostly cloudy sky, but you see that live picture behind me. We do have more sunshine than anything else. Winds are starting to shift. We're starting to see a Southwesterly wind flow. That is helping to keep us a little bit warmer, and it really will affect us as we get into the workweek. So besides the 58 in the city right now, we're 55 in Trenton, 59 in AC, 51 getting up and stepping outside in Allentown, and it's 52 in the Poconos. So again, as you might expect, a little bit cooler than the city in the I-95 Corridor the further North you go.

MATT PETERSON: As we go through the daytime hours today, for the most part, for many of us, it's going to be dry with a mix of sun and clouds. By about lunchtime, we're seeing those temperatures up into the 70s. Could get maybe a stray rain shower across those Pocono Mountains in the afternoon hours, but watch what happens once we get past lunchtime. All the way up into the 80s for many of us. Again, even without full sunshine, we're still getting low 80s in the city, Trenton, Wilmington, Dover, even out towards Lancaster and Reading, as well. So a really warm day today. Southwesterly winds are the big reason for that, and they're going to persist through the nighttime hours tonight. So it's dry and a little bit cloudy tonight, but we stay mild, even in the 60s for many of us as we wake up then on Monday morning.

MATT PETERSON: What we're watching then into next week is an area of low pressure to our South, and kind of an elongated trough off to our North. That trough slides to the-- even further to the North, and this low enters into the Delaware Valley. And those two systems kind of working collectively will develop shower and some thunderstorm chances on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be the best chance to see the rain. For most of the workweek we'll get a dry day, likely on Thursday, and then another system could start to move in by Friday. But again, thunderstorm threat on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be the big story for this week.

MATT PETERSON: If you are going down to the Phillies game tonight, 7 o'clock for that first pitch, cloudy skies, but 80 degrees. Really warm at the ballpark, even through the Seventh-inning stretch by the time the game is over. Hopefully, Phillies get the rubber match win. Temperatures will still stay in the low 70s. 81 degrees, our high for Sunday. Showers and thunderstorm chances Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Jan, as we're in that high 70 to even mid-80 range. And then again, by Thursday, we do dry it out. 66 and some sunshine there for a-- what I would call maybe the pick of the week.

JAN CARABEO: Yeah. Just got to wait a little bit for it. Although I do like 80s, Matthew.

MATT PETERSON: Well, and I like Sunday, but again, the pick of the week is the dry day on Thursday.