Philadelphia Weather Update: Warm Weekend

Lauren Casey reports.

Video Transcript

- Now it has been an absolutely beautiful Saturday for all of us to get out and about. Meteorologist Lauren Casey here tonight. Lauren, it doesn't get much better than today.

LAUREN CASEY: Oh, Natasha, what a beautiful stretch of weather this past week and into this weekend as well, although we did see a little bit of shower activity pop and a few rumbles of thunder over South Jersey. But now a nice, quiet evening is in progress. A few clouds around in Philadelphia, 72 degrees right now, abundant sunshine returning to South Jersey. We're at 70 in Millville, beautiful conditions right now in Wilmington, abundant sunshine, 71 degrees. And we're at 70 in Allentown, temperatures very consistent across the region at this hour.

StormScan3 showing us that cluster of showers and a few thunderstorms has since dissipated. That did pop over South Jersey and was quite stationary, still a few lingering showers, kind of sprinkles up towards the Poconos and Lehigh valleys. But, yeah, these showers, these cells, have since dissipated, now dry conditions, and a couple blips on the radar there up towards Carbon and Monroe counties. Could see a couple of drip-drops over the next couple of hours.

Otherwise, a dry evening is in store. Mild temperatures, we're still in the middle 60s by the 9:00 hour, only falling down into the low 50s as we head into the overnight period. Nice and quiet, some great sleeping weather, comfortable conditions, low humidity maintained with just a few passing clouds overnight.

And tomorrow, still very comfortable, high temperature around average 72. Our average tomorrow, 74, a mix of sun and clouds. And we do have a chance at a spotty thundershower mainly west of I-95 as we head into tomorrow afternoon.

Down the shore, no rain in the forecast for you but some patchy clouds from time to time. Breezy at times as well with our high temperature at 71 degrees. So a little on the cooler side for beach weather, but that's not going to be the case as we head into next week.

A big and an extended taste of summer, as we head from Wednesday and looks like into the upcoming weekend. Next week, high temperatures in the mid, maybe even upper 80s, mostly sunny conditions throughout the stretch, with a few isolated pop-up thunderstorms in the afternoon period. We start off with the lower humidity on Wednesday, but then it will slowly increase and it will start to feel more muggy as we push towards the end of next week.

But future weather showing us as we head throughout this evening, quiet conditions, some clouds around as we wake up tomorrow morning. Clouds around as well, although I think we'll see some more sunshine than this particular model is indicating. There is our chance at a few showers and a couple of rumbles of thunder, again mainly west of I-95.

We quiet things down tomorrow evening as we lose the heat of the day. Monday starts off very nice, some abundant sunshine. But we will see some patchy clouds develop due to an upper-level disturbance and maybe an isolated shower.

Again, the best chance is going to be west of I-95. As we head into Tuesday, the warm-up begins. 78 degrees, still low humidity, a gorgeous day. And then there is that stretch of 80 starting on Wednesday, extending all the way into next Saturday. We'll be right back.