Philadelphia Weather: Warming Trend Continues

Kate Bilo has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

- It is going to be a gorgeous day for the rowers on the river, so what's in store for the rest of the weekend?

KATE BILO: The weekend looks really nice, as well, Jessica. There may be a pop up shower or thunder shower here or there, but nothing organized. We're not tracking a cold front passage. We're not tracking a rainstorm.

This is just a garden variety, run of the mill, afternoon pop up thundershowers that we see often this time of the year, so we're not looking for anything severe this weekend. But if you do have outdoor or evening plans to sit outside, and you see those dark clouds coming through, you may want to have an alternate spot where you can run inside, even just for 10 or 15 minutes. Because, again, they'll be quick and spotty.

Right now there's, nothing out there. In fact, it even has cleared out in the Poconos, where we're now reporting sunshine at 63. Allentown's at 71. Redding is at 73, and we're now at 73 in Philadelphia. Atlantic City, 69 thanks to a little breeze off the water.

Our high, so far, today, has been right on the money, 74 degrees. Finally, back to average. Last weekend was in the 50s. This is a major improvement.

We've been climbing by three or four degrees each day, and today, we're back to normal. Our morning low was 50 degrees. So tonight, if you're going to sit outside and do some dining, right now, 74 degrees. Get outside, start up the grill. It is fantastic out there.

Quiet tomorrow evening as well. Just a couple more clouds in the sky at 71, and Sunday evening, nice and mild as well. Temperatures still in the low 70s for your Sunday dinner plans. And again, shower and thundershower activity will be scattered in nature, but likely a bit more widespread than what we're seeing now.

So right now, there are a couple of sprinkles through the Pocono region, through the Lehigh Valley. You can see a few more clouds bubbling up with these as well, and they will be a bit more widespread over the next couple of days. But still, nothing major to write home about. Tonight, 48 degrees, mainly clear, quiet, and comfy.

Winds are calm. Perfect night, and a perfect Saturday tomorrow. It's mostly sunny and beautiful, 75 degrees. Winds are light out of the Southwest. Just a great day to be outside.

Precipitation chances are low, about 15% to 20%, and that's the case right into next week. Again, this is mainly your pop up, run of the mill, afternoon thunderstorms. We're not looking at anything in the morning or anything at night. Here's tomorrow, and you can see how few and far between this shower and thunderstorm chances are.

Most of us will not see anything. Sunday, it's a bit more widespread. This is 4:00 PM, especially off to the North and West. By the time the dinner our rolls through, again, it's looking to fall off pretty quickly once the sun goes down. A few more clouds, Sunday, but that's about it.

And then Monday, same story. Mainly off to the North and West, a couple of spotty showers and thundershowers. Pollen report, well, pollen levels are still pretty high. We're in the medium high range for grass and tree pollen, medium for weeds, low range for mold pollen this weekend. But you'll still be feeling it, if you're going to be outside, which I hope you will be. Because what a gorgeous weekend it's going to be.

75 degrees, a Saturday stunner tomorrow. Sunday, we're in the 70s with a stray afternoon thunderstorm. Same story Monday, and then we kick start an even bigger warm up. We're back to the 80s, next week, and it looks like that stretch is going to last a while as well. Ukee?

- That's good to hear. Kate, thank you.