Philadelphia Weather: Winds Wind Down This Evening

Meteorologist Kate Bilo has your forecast.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: As you can hear from the microphone there, but sunny for the ribbon cutting. And you're also tracking, what do you call it, an unsettled weather pattern, right?

KATE BILO: That's right. We've got a system coming through Wednesday into Thursday, Ukee, that's going to bring rain and maybe even a few snowflakes. You heard that right. It was just 83 on Friday, in case you've forgotten, but we're talking the chance for snowflakes, and Friday this week is looking to be 40 full degrees colder than Friday of last week.

But there is a little bit of good news in the seven day forecast as well. Here's a look outside right now. You can see the sun is shining. It has been a beautiful looking day. It's been cold and blustery, but at least the sun is back after almost a full day of rain yesterday and some strong and damaging storms as we mentioned. 55 degrees is the current temperature in Philadelphia.

The dew point is a very dry 25 degrees. Yesterday, you felt that muggy humidity outside, at least out ahead of the storms. Today, much drier air but it is still quite windy. Winds are out of the west northwest, sustained about 14 miles per hour but still gusting to 25 miles an hour, and that's making it feel chilly when the wind is blowing despite the sunshine outside today.

Stormscan 3 again shows the front that came through last night with the thunderstorms. A lot of lake effect snow is in evidence today, mainly across New York state behind that front as west winds really picked up this afternoon and this morning. Stormscan 3 locally, there's nothing going on and nothing all that close, either. Tomorrow is going to be the bright spot of the work week, and it's not going to be as nice again until Easter Sunday, but I do have good news for Easter Sunday.

Let's get through the near term first. Tonight is beautiful. It's clear, it's a little chilly but it is not windy. Skies are clear, lots of stars out there. Great night to be out and about. And for tomorrow, we're looking at a beautiful spring day. 65 degrees, sunny, about 10 degrees warmer than today. Not as much wind. There's a warm breeze from the south. It's a perfect spring day.

Soak it up if you can because you can see by Wednesday and Thursday, our precipitation chances really shoot up. Wednesday brings rain. Thursday, showers in the morning and maybe even a few snowflakes, and then it's dry as we head into the weekend.

So here's the system Wednesday into Thursday. It approaches during the day Wednesday, steady rain, especially Wednesday evening, and then as we head into Thursday, it starts to come to an end early Thursday morning, but may end as a brief mix of rain and snow and possibly even some light accumulations in the Poconos before this moves out Thursday into Friday.

So your weekend looking a whole lot better. It's going to be a little bit milder. A warming trend begins on Saturday. 55 degrees, sunny and quiet, and what a beautiful Easter Sunday. 65 with sunshine on Sunday. But we've got some cold to get through first, and it's right here, Thursday and Friday.

So tomorrow is beautiful. Front comes through Wednesday with rain developing through the afternoon and evening. Thursday starts with rain early, then could end as a few snowflakes or flurries. Very windy. Friday's cold and blustery. Look at Friday morning, 28 degrees.

But good news, after Mother Nature's little April Fool's trick here, much better through the weekend and we may be near 70 by the start of next week. So April doesn't have all tricks in store for us, Ukee.

UKEE WASHINGTON: I'm going to pretend I didn't see that 28. That's all right. All right, Kate, thanks so much.