When Philip Met Missy: This New Doc Covers a Small-Town Murder You've Never Heard About

Like many residents of the small town of Hartville, OH, Philip Snider spent his days drinking coffee at local fast-food restaurants. It's in one of those chain restaurants that he met the mysterious Missy, who didn't seem to care that Philip's wife was missing - and that the rumor was that he was behind her disappearance.

When Philip Met Missy, premiering on discovery+ on April 27, reveals exactly what happened between Philip and his wife, Roberta. It's a twisted case, made all the more confusing by the fact that Philip's story seemed to change every time he was questioned by police. Through Missy's eyes - and restaurant surveillance footage - we finally get to the disturbing truth. What happened to Roberta, and just who is Missy?

Check out our exclusive clip to get a peek at the new true-crime documentary special.

Video Transcript

- You owe me a peck on the cheek.

- I do. Yes I do.

- A nice big wet one.


- It was like we're watching a love story unfold, in a fast food restaurant.

- She was young and pretty.

- And he liked the attention.

- Why do you and I get along so good. That's why I want you to marry me.

- I thought it was suspicious.

- There's three or four others I thought would have killed their wives before Phil did.

- So you think I whacked her?

- No, but at the same time, I don't care.

- It was like a cat and mouse game to him at this point.

- None of us saw that coming.

- I love that you trust me that much.

- You want me to get down on one knee?

- I don't think I've ever had a murder confession and a marriage proposal in the same case.

- Is love blind?

- I would say yes, love is blind.

- I'd say, it can definitely have cataracts at times.


- Yeah.