Philippines' Bulusan Volcano Eruption Creates Towering Ash Plume

The Mount Bulusan volcano in the Philippines’ Sorsogon province erupted on June 6 in a plume of ash and steam.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology reported a phreatic eruption created a plume 150 meters (approximately 492 feet) tall with “voluminous emission.” The volcano spurred 29 recent earthquakes as of June 6.

According to reports, Bulusan last erupted in 2017.

Footage filmed by Emmanuel Jesta Habitan on June 6 shows the towering plume of ash, as seen from the town of Bacolod, located near the base of the volcano.

“The people near the volcano were shocked when there was a rumbling loud noise,” Habitan told Storyful. Credit: Emmanuel Jesta Habitan via Storyful