Phillies 1st Pitch Forecast

Matt Peterson has the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

- But you know, no heartbreak for me because today is going to look. Hey Matt.

MATT PETERSON: Hey Janet. It's going to be a great one today. I'm like you. I did not stay up to watch that game last night, but you know what? I kind of wish I did and paid the price here this morning because it looked like it was a great game.

While it doesn't look great outside right now, we have the cloud cover hanging over top of Center City, don't worry. The sun is going to come out this afternoon, and it will be feeling fantastic and looking great too.

Right now cloud cover though is the name of the game across the board. Poconos to the Lehigh Valley back down into Jersey, Delaware, and the shore too, 45 this morning in Millville. We wake up 44 in Wilmington, 46 in Philly, 42 in Trenton, 45 AC, and the only 30s out there, that is in Mount Pocono where we're at 34 degrees. But still, much better than the last couple of mornings.

Now, I know it's Easter today. We're wondering what's going to be happening. You've got the Easter service this morning, egg hunts later this afternoon. Maybe that's not what you're doing. Maybe you're going down to the Phillies game today. Taking on the Braves. You hurt Pat [? Gowan. ?] They're going for the sweep.

60 degrees around first pitch, our temperatures going up into the lower 60s, around 64 degrees by the time the game is over. Hopefully, the Phillies go 3 and 0 to start the 2021 season.

Storm Scan 3 here this morning, not a whole lot going on. Yes, we see some pockets here of some green popping up on Storm Scan 3. That's just some upper level moisture. It's not reaching the ground. We're not seeing any flurries across the Poconos. We're not seeing any sprinkles across the area.

There's just more proof that we have that cloud cover out there, not really showing up on Storm Scan 3. But again, that upper level moisture is being shown by those areas of green, and, yeah, a little bit of what looks to be frozen ice crystals up there in the high levels of the atmosphere.

Now, we show you what's happening up in Canada, which is an area of high pressure and another low sitting just off the east coast of Canada. These are going to be very stationary for the next few days all the way really probably through the middle of the workweek.

And what's going to happen is, we're going to see a pretty strong at times, maybe northerly component to the upper level winds, and that's going to drive into the Delaware Valley a couple of what we call short waves, or what I like to call more of a weak mid-level disturbance. Could squeeze out a couple of light showers at times in the beginning of the week, but a better chance, a more robust chance for precipitation as we come with a more strong system towards Friday and next weekend.

So overall, we wake up Monday morning pretty, quiet out there. We're talking about temperatures tomorrow morning probably again in the 40s, sunshine on Monday afternoon. Our first of those kind of weak disturbances comes through on Monday night into Tuesday morning. For the most part, it looks like just cloud cover on Future Weather, which is probably what happens.

But we could squeeze out a couple of light showers across the western, southwestern parts of New Jersey and then down into Delaware as well. When I say western, I'm talking about out towards Berks County, Chester County, for a couple of sprinkles on Monday night, Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon. Plenty of sunshine though.

But again, cloud cover back by late Tuesday and another chance for maybe a couple of showers there Tuesday night into Wednesday morning too. So here is your Easter forecast. Some clouds to start, temperatures are in the 40s.

But look, by about middle of the day brunch towards the afternoon hours for those Easter egg hunts, we see the sunshine temperatures jumping up there into the low 40s for a high today of 46 degrees. 66 on Monday, 65 on Tuesday and then, Jan, like I said, a more robust chance for some showers come by next Friday and Saturday.