Philly closes vaccine site run by graduate student

Philadelphia selected Philly Fighting COVID to get a mass vaccination site up and running in the city. But officials recently shuttered the operation, citing concerns over CEO Andrei Doroshin's qualifications and the group's for-profit status. (Jan. 29)

Video Transcript

ANDREI DOROSHIN: This was a baseless concern that was raised as a reason to remove us from the operation. This concern is baseless because this is HIPAA data. It's identifiable medical data, which is a federal crime to sell. We are scientists and engineers. We know the rules about medical data.

On Saturday we had to turn away 3,000 people who are not health care workers from the clinic because the health department had a very strict prioritization rule that we're only allowed to vaccinate health care workers. At the end of the day, we had 100 syringes left of vaccine that was going to expire within hours. And it was reconstituted and the directive from the health department was find an arm and put it in regardless of the prioritization.

So at 6:30 that day we called health care workers, we called elderly, we called everybody, and we got 96 people vaccinated. At 9 o'clock they're about to expire. I ran home and I vaccinated four of my friends. This was done recording the data with the CDC in the state. I had done all contraindications, pre-evaluation, I had epinephrine on hand. I have experience doing intramuscular injections. And I do not regret this decision. It was the ethical one to make because those vaccines would have gone in the trash.