Philly pediatricians replace basketball nets at city playgrounds

Dr. Daniel Taylor combined his passion for basketball and pediatric care to score a big win for city children during the pandemic.

Video Transcript

- I got it.

DANIEL TAYLOR: I just noticed driving to work every day from Mount Airy to St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in North Philadelphia that many of the courts that I passed had no nets on the rims, and there was no kids out there playing. For me, it's a basketball issue. It's a health issue, a little bit of an equity issue in more underserved neighborhoods, and it's as easy as throwing up a net.

JORDAN CHU: There's just something about the sound of a swish. The basketball going through the net is really, really satisfying. It definitely changes their confidence on the court, and hopefully, it translates off the court too.

- 10-7. Game point, you guys.

WILL TAYLOR: Yeah, I'm glad we played a game. I haven't played a game like that in a while. It felt normal, which is what everything hasn't felt in so long.

- We have really a little army of people putting up nets. We have a bunch of residents from St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, so we can get out there within a few days. Across the community, absolutely nothing.

You shoot some baskets, buddy?

Once the rim has a net, within minutes, you just see people coming out of the woodwork.

- You're going to get the dribble part down.

- This kind of connection occurs that might not have happened before we started Need A Net Philadelphia.

Whoa, you're going to go around the back?

- Our Instagram account and our Facebook account, the tag is Need A Net Philly. So far, we've come a really long way. We've got about $5,200. That'll cover a little bit more than half the amount of nets that we need.

- Going up for the jelly.

You know, this is our responsibility as adults, working in Philadelphia, living in Philadelphia, to take care of all children.

- Right here.

- Also, just being socialized, being around other people. So many kids right now are feeling depressed, anxious. This isolation is not good for them. This is the most important thing that we could do as human beings is to take care of the next generation.

- Good game, guys.