Philly's FEMA site to allow walk-up vaccinations to people in 22 zip codes

Beginning Wednesday, the City of Philadelphia will open walk-up access to eligible people from 22 under-vaccinated zip codes to the FEMA COVID-19 vaccine site in Center City.

Video Transcript

- --push comes at a time when cases are starting to creep up in the city.

- And "Action News" reporter Annie McCormick is live at the Pennsylvania Convention Center with the details. Annie.

ANNIE MCCORMICK: And Maggie, you still must be eligible by living or working in the city. But starting tomorrow, for at least a week, the city is now opening up thousands of slots for walk-ups, depending on which zip code you live in the city.

THOMAS FARLEY: Starting tomorrow, for the next six days at the Convention Center, we will be doing a hybrid model.

ANNIE MCCORMICK: Of the estimated 6,000 vaccines administered daily at the Convention Center, now half will go to walk-ups without appointments. They must have a qualifying medical condition and fall into the 1A or 1B category and live in one of the 22 zip codes with lower vaccination rates. The city today announced help with transportation, too.

THOMAS FARLEY: The assistance is going to be through CCT service and free transit passes.

ANNIE MCCORMICK: People arriving to the FEMA site, plus additional smaller city-run sites, must be in the 1A or 1B category. Everyone is supposed to show proof that they are resident. The city's health commissioner, Dr. Farley, addressing misinformation about access to the vaccine.

THOMAS FARLEY: In some cases, the message is getting out that all of our clinics are walk-up, and that's not true. And we don't want people showing up at our clinics, assuming that they can get vaccinated if they don't have an appointment. We will allow walk-ups only if appointments are still available.

ANNIE MCCORMICK: The Black Doctors Consortium Site is considered private. They continue to vaccinate for free in many of the under-served communities. Some businesses and apartment complexes, including HUD housing, are contracting private pharmacy companies. Today, the Pennsylvania Department of Health announced, by the end of the month, all providers should have phase 1A recipients scheduled, including those outside of their current patient network.

And as more vaccines become available, expect to see more private companies offering the vaccine. Today, Independence Blue Cross said, at their Market Street location, they are now going to be working with Vybe Urgent Care to offer the vaccines only for Philadelphians who fall within the eligible category at this time. For now, reporting live outside of the Convention Center. Annie McCormick, Channel 6 "Action News." Sharrie.