Photo Gallery: Reading leads to new bikes for Auburn students

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Jun. 9—You could hear a pin drop Wednesday morning at Sherwood Heights Elementary School in Auburn as the entire student body nervously waited to hear whose name would be called to receive one of the 16 brand new bicycles lined up on the wall. For 10 years, teacher Paula Rousseau has partnered with different Mason organizations in their Books for Bikes program.

For the past few years, Ashlar Lodge #105 has sponsored the event and bought the bicycles. Every student who read the required number of books had their names put on a piece of paper that went into a box for each grade. One boy and one girl from each grade would be randomly selected. After a brief speech by Rousseau and James Thibodeau from Ashlar Lodge #105, the selected names were announced.

The winners skipped, ran or shyly shuffled to the front of the assembly, where they got to sit on their bikes for the first time. It was a surprise for the winners, but parents were notified beforehand and some were on hand to watch and bring the bikes home.