Photo of high school staff showing their middle fingers causes stir on social media: 'Teachers have private lives'

A private photo of high school teachers and counselors displaying their middle fingers has caused some controversy in Taylor, Michigan, after a student allegedly found it in a counselor's desk and shared it on social media.

Taylor Teachers Federation claims that the photo of Taylor High School staff members, which was taken in the fall, was never shared by the people involved.

“It was private and teachers have private lives," Linda Moore, president of the Taylor Teachers Federation, told WXYZ.

According to Moore, a hard copy of the photo, which was taken at a goodbye party for an assistant principal leaving the district, was stored in a counselor's desk where a student found it.

“A student went into our counselor's office and rifled through this private area and took a picture of the photo," Moore told the outlet.

The photo then was shared on social media. One student who shared a screenshot of a Snapchat of the photo wrote, "Taylor School District and y’all expelled me ??? Lol okay." Another shared in a comment, "People are saying they're... grown which is true but they are representing the school. They work [with] KIDS."

“It was a joke," Moore clarified to WXYZ. "It was a private photo taken after school hours with no students around.”

Many on social media were quick to jump to the defense of the teachers, all of whom have perfect records with the district.

"Sorry but teachers are allowed to have a private life outside of their job," one supporter shared. "I worked as a bar back in high school and would see some of my teachers at the bar all the time. It was weird seeing them outside of the classroom, but they do have lives of their own to live," another person chimed inOne aptly said, "I work in a professional office and that is our vacation salute!"

The staff involved are not under any disciplinary review at this time. Superintendent Ben Williams is aware of the photo and is currently looking into the incident.

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