Photos show how the winning gowns from the Miss USA pageant have changed through the years

  • When the Miss USA pageant began in 1952, winners were often crowned in embellished swimsuits.

  • Later that decade and into the '60s, many Miss USA winners wore fur shawls and long gloves to accept their crowns.

  • Contestants now have their winning moments in vibrant, often-embellished evening gowns.

When the Miss USA pageant started in 1952, winners were crowned wearing embellished swimsuits.

That changed in the '60s, when winners posed for their crowning moments in long dresses with gloves and fur shawls draped over their shoulders.

Miss USA winners have continued to take the stage in eye-catching evening gowns — but the styles have changed over the years, with some pageant queens wearing dresses encrusted with crystals, and others opting for fringe or unique silhouettes.

Most recently, Miss Utah, Noelia Voigt, was crowned Miss USA 2023. Voigt accepted her title wearing a floor-length yellow gown, embellished with glittering crystals at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada, on Friday.

Here's a look back at the outfits Miss USA winners have worn.

Jackie Loughery was crowned the first Miss USA in 1952.

miss usa 1952
Miss USA 1952 Jackie Loughery.Miss USA

Wearing a swimsuit — a style that was on-trend at the time — Loughery competed in the competition as Miss New York.

Myrna Hansen represented Illinois in the Miss USA 1953 pageant.

miss usa 1953
Miss USA 1953 Myrna Hansen.Miss USA

Hansen wore a white swimsuit with black heels for her winning moment.

Miriam Stevenson won the Miss USA pageant in 1954.

miss usa 1954
Miss USA 1954 Miriam Stevenson.Miss USA

Stevenson represented South Carolina in the competition.

Carlene King Johnson was crowned Miss USA 1955.

miss usa 1955
Miss USA 1955 Carlene King Johnson.Miss USA

The former Miss Vermont wore a swimsuit embellished with crystals for her winning moment.

Carol Morris was named Miss Iowa in 1956.

miss usa 1956
Miss USA 1956 Carol Morris.Miss USA

Morris wore a swimsuit bedazzled with crystals across the top and straps for her crowning moment.

Charlotte Sheffield (left) was crowned Miss USA 1957 after the previous winner, Leona Gage, was disqualified.

miss usa 1957
Miss USA 1957 Charlotte Sheffield.Miss USA

Sheffield, who represented Utah in the competition, accepted the title in a dress with cap sleeves and a voluminous skirt.

Eurlyne Howell took home the Miss USA title in 1958.

miss usa 1958
Miss USA 1958 Eurlyne Howell.Miss USA

Howell wore a halter-style swimsuit for her big moment.

Terry Lynn Huntingdon took the crown in the 1959 pageant.

miss usa 1959
Miss USA 1959 Terry Lynn Huntingdon.Miss USA

The former Miss California was crowned Miss USA in a pink swimsuit and gold heels.

Linda Bement (center) was representing Utah in the 1960 competition.

miss usa 1960
Miss USA 1960 Linda Bement in the center.Bettmann/Getty Images

Bement was crowned Miss USA 1960 in a yellow swimsuit and beige heels.

Sharon Brown won Miss USA 1961.

miss usa 1961
Miss USA 1961 Sharon Brown.Miss USA

Brown wore a gown, fur shawl, and long gloves for the crowning moment.

Macel Wilson represented Hawaii when she won Miss USA 1962.

miss usa 1962
Miss USA 1962 Macel Wilson.Miss USA

Wilson accessorized her gown with long gloves and a fur shawl, a style that was popular at the time.

Marite Ozers won Miss USA 1963 in a gown with a billowing skirt.

miss usa 1963
Miss USA 1963 Marite Ozers.Miss USA

Ozers represented Illinois in the 1963 competition.

Bobbi Johnson was crowned Miss USA 1964 while representing the District of Columbia.

miss usa 1964
Miss USA 1964 Bobbi Johnson.Miss USA

Johnson had her crowning moment in a fur shawl and gown embroidered with flowers.

Sue Downey was Miss Ohio before she was crowned Miss USA 1965.

miss usa 1965
Miss USA 1965 Sue Downey.Miss USA

Downey accepted the title in a strapless gown and long gloves.

Maria Remenyi won Miss USA 1966.

miss usa 1966
Miss USA 1966 Maria Remenyi.Miss USA

Remenyi was crowned wearing a floor-length paisley dress and long gloves.

Cheryl Ann Patton was crowned Miss USA 1967 in a dress with a pleated skirt.

miss usa 1967
Miss USA 1967 Cheryl Ann Patton.Miss USA

Patton accepted the Miss USA title after the original winner, Sylvia Hitchcock, went on to become Miss Universe.

Didi Anstett was crowned Miss USA in 1968 in a sparkly gown.

miss usa 1968
Miss USA 1968 Didi Anstett.Miss USA

The former Miss Washington took home the Miss USA title in a sequined dress and shimmery shoes.

Wendy Dascomb won Miss USA 1969 after representing Virginia in the competition.

miss usa 1969
Miss USA 1969 Wendy Dascomb.Miss USA

Dascomb accepted her crown in a unique dress with a slit in the middle, which showed another layer of fabric peeking through.

Debbie Shelton wore long gloves and an understated dress when she was crowned Miss USA 1970.

miss usa 1970
Miss USA 1970 Debbie Shelton.Miss USA

Shelton, formerly Miss Virginia, also wore long gloves for her crowning moment.

Michele McDonald (center) took home the title of Miss USA 1971.

miss usa 1971
Miss USA 1971 Michele McDonald.Miss USA

McDonald, formerly Miss Pennsylvania, wore a dress with a bejeweled neckline and long gloves.

Tanya Wilson (center) was crowned Miss USA 1972.

miss usa 1972
Miss USA 1972 Tanya Wilson in the center.Bettmann/Getty Images

Wilson accepted the title in a white dress with matching gloves.

Amanda Jones became Miss USA in 1973.

miss usa 1973
Miss USA 1973 Amanda Jones.Miss USA

Jones was crowned in a flowy dress designed with a statement belt and matching armlet.

Karen Morrison won Miss USA in 1974.

miss usa 1974
Miss USA 1974 Karen Morrison.Miss USA

The former Miss Illinois wore a halter-style, floor-length dress for the pageant.

Barbara Peterson won Miss USA 1976 in a long-sleeved gown with a dramatic skirt.

miss usa 1976
Miss USA 1974 Barbara Peterson.Miss USA

Peterson represented Minnesota when she was crowned the pageant winner.

Kimberly Tomes took home the Miss USA 1977 title after representing Texas.

miss usa 1977
Miss USA 1977 Kimberly Tomes.Miss USA

Tomes had her crowning moment in a vibrant blue dress embellished with crystals.

Judi Andersen won Miss USA 1978.

miss usa 1978
Miss USA 1978 Judi Andersen.Miss USA

Andersen took home the crown in a dress designed with a pearl-encrusted top and yellow skirt.

Shawn Weatherly was crowned Miss USA 1980 in a peach-colored, crystal-encrusted gown.

miss usa 1980 recrowning
Miss USA 1980 Shawn Weatherly.Miss USA

Weatherly received the Miss USA title after the original winner, Jineane Ford, went on to become Miss Universe.

Terri Utley was crowned Miss USA 1982 in a gown with crystal details and sheer sleeves.

miss usa 1982
Miss USA 1982 Terri Utley.Miss USA

Utley accepted the title in a brown long-sleeved, high-low gown with an embellished top.

Julie Hayek was crowned Miss USA 1983.

miss usa 1983
Miss USA 1983 Julie Hayek.Miss USA

Hayek took home the title in a sequined halter-style gown.

Christy Fichtner won Miss USA in 1986 after representing Texas.

miss usa 1986
Miss USA 1986 Christy Fichtner.Miss USA

Ficthner was crowned in a pink dress with sheer sleeves embellished with crystal- and pearl-encrusted flowers and leaves.

Courtney Gibbs was Miss Texas before she won Miss USA 1988.

miss usa 1988
Miss USA 1988 Courtney Gibbs.Miss USA

Gibbs won the pageant in a black gown with crystals sewn into the skirt and top.

Gretchen Polhemus won the Miss USA title in 1989.

miss usa 1989
Miss USA 1989 Gretchen Polhemus.Miss USA

Polhemus, formerly Miss Texas, won the title in a strapless gown with crystals sewn into the top.

Carole Gist was crowned Miss USA 1990.

miss usa 1990
Miss USA 1990 Carole Gist.George Rose/Getty Images

Gist won Miss USA in a black strapless gown with crystal detailing along the neckline.

Kelli McCarty won Miss USA in 1991 in a dazzling red dress.

miss usa 1991
Miss USA 1991 Kelli McCarty.Miss USA

McCarty accepted the Miss USA title in a strapless red gown with a sweetheart neckline covered in sequins.

Shannon Marketic was crowned Miss USA in 1992.

miss usa 1992
Miss USA 1992 Shannon Marketic.Miss USA

Marketic was representing California when she was won the pageant in a black gown with ruffled sleeves.

Kenya Moore was crowned Miss USA 1993 in an embellished white dress.

miss usa 1993
Miss USA 1993 Kenya Moore.MISS UNIVERSE,INC./AFP/Getty Images

Moore wore a strapless gown designed with jewels and a sweetheart neckline.

Lu Parker was crowned Miss USA in 1994.

miss usa 1994
Miss USA 1994 Lu Parker.Miss USA

Lu Parker won Miss USA in a black long-sleeved gown.

Shanna Moakler accepted the Miss USA 1995 title in an ornate, strappy gown.

miss usa 1995 recrowning
Miss USA 1995 Shanna Moakler.Miss USA

Moakler accepted the title of Miss USA in a pink gown embellished with multicolored crystals.

Ali Landry won the title of Miss USA 1996.

miss usa 1996
Miss USA 1996 Ali Landry.Miss USA

Landry was crowned Miss USA in a white gown with a crisscross top outlined with silver beads.

Shawnae Jebbia won the Miss USA pageant in 1998.

miss usa 1998
Miss USA 1998 Shawnae Jebbia.Miss USA

Jebbia was crowned Miss USA wearing a beige strapless dress with a matching pashmina.

Kimberly Pressler won Miss USA in 1999.

miss usa 1999
Miss USA 1999 Kimberly Pressler.Miss USA

Pressler took home the Miss USA title in a form-fitting white dress with a sheer neckline.

Lynnette Cole was crowned Miss USA 2000.

miss usa 2000
Miss USA 2000 Lynnette Cole.Miss USA

Cole won the title in a black sequined gown and pearl choker.

Kandace Krueger won Miss USA in 2001.

miss usa 2001
Miss USA 2001 Kandace Krueger.Miss USA

Krueger was crowned wearing a white halter dress embellished with crystals.

Shauntay Hinton took home the title of Miss USA 2002 wearing a one-shoulder dress.

miss usa 2002
Miss USA 2002 Shauntay Hinton.Miss USA

Hinton's dress was covered in small crystals that matched her choker necklace and statement earrings.

Susie Castillo was crowned Miss USA in 2003.

miss usa 2003
Miss USA 2003 Susie Castillo.Miss USA

Castillo won Miss USA wearing a white floral gown with ruffles running down the skirt.

Shandi Finnessey was named Miss USA 2004 after representing Missouri.

miss usa 2004
Miss USA 2004 Shandi Finnessey.Miss USA

Finnessey was crowned in a blue-and-gold gown with a halter neckline and sheer fabric across her waist.

Chelsea Cooley wore a halter-style dress when she was crowned Miss USA in 2005.

miss usa 2005
Miss USA 2005 Chelsea Cooley.Miss USA

Cooley accessorized with statement earrings and a matching bracelet.

Tara Conner was crowned Miss USA in 2006.

miss usa 2006
Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner.Miss USA

When Conner won the pageant, she wore a white gown with embroidered leaves and a thigh-high slit.

Rachel Smith won the Miss USA title in 2007.

miss usa 2007
Miss USA 2007 Rachel Smith.Miss USA

Smith was crowned Miss USA in a glittery red dress with side cutouts at the waist.

Crystle Stewart was crowned Miss USA in 2008.

miss usa 2008
Miss USA 2008 Crystle Stewart.Miss USA

The former Miss Texas was crowned in a gold dress covered in sequins.

Rima Fakih won the Miss USA competition in 2010.

miss usa 2010
Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih.Miss USA

Fakih took home the title in a white mermaid gown with a silver belt-like design across the seam.

Alyssa Campanella wore an emerald-green dress when she won Miss USA in 2011.

miss usa 2011
Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella.Miss USA

Campanella was crowned in a mermaid-style gown with a sequined top.

Olivia Culpo represented Rhode Island when she was named Miss USA in 2012.

miss usa 2012
Miss USA 2012 Olivia Culpo.Miss USA

Culpo won the title wearing an eggplant-colored gown with a jeweled neckline.

After Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss Universe, Nana Meriwether became the new Miss USA 2012.

miss usa 2012 recrowning
Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether.Miss USA

Meriwether wore a vibrant mint-colored dress and silver heels to accept the title.

Erin Brady took home the Miss USA title in 2013.

miss usa 2013
Miss USA 2013 Erin Brady.Miss USA

Brady accepted the title wearing a white gown with gold detailing and statement earrings.

Nia Sanchez represented Nevada when she won Miss USA 2014.

miss usa 2014
Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez.Miss USA

Sanchez was crowned in a red gown with a dramatic skirt and slit down the middle.

Olivia Jordan won Miss USA in 2015 in a voluminous gown.

miss usa 2015
Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan.Miss USA

Jordan took home the title in a hot-pink dress with a dramatic skirt covered in ruffles.

Deshauna Barber was crowned Miss USA 2016 and wore a unique long-sleeved gown.

miss usa 2016
Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber.Miss USA

Barber won the title in a beige dress with a skirt covered in silver fringe.

Kára McCullough was crowned Miss USA 2017.

miss usa 2017
Miss USA 2017 Kára McCullough.Miss USA

McCullough wore a gold-and-white halter gown that was covered in crystals at the top when she won Miss USA.

Sarah Summers won the Miss USA title in 2018.

miss usa 2018
Miss USA 2018 Sarah Summers.Miss USA

Summers took home the crown in a black gown with a dramatic train and sequin detailing along the front.

Cheslie Kryst represented North Carolina when she won Miss USA 2019.

miss usa 2019
Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst.Miss USA

Kryst won the pageant in a one-shoulder, white gown designed with gold chains draping off the right sleeve.

Asya Branch won Miss USA 2020 while representing Mississippi.

Miss USA 2020 Asya Branch.Benjamin Askinas/Miss USA

Branch took home the title wearing a strapless, black-and-white sequined gown designed by Sherri Hill.


Elle Smith of Kentucky was crowned Miss USA 2021.

Miss USA 2021 Elle Smith
Elle Smith, representing Kentucky, won Miss USA 2021.Felipe Espinal/Miss USA

Smith won while wearing a glittering silver gown, complete with a deep V-neck and a high leg slit.

North Carolina's Morgan Romano won the title of Miss USA 2022.

Romano took the crown in a strapless red dress with a thigh-high slit.

Miss Utah Noelia Voigt took the crown during 2023's Miss USA competition.

Miss Utah Noelia Voight was crowned Miss USA in 2023.
Miss Utah Noelia Voigt was crowned Miss USA in 2023.Miss USA

Voigt won while wearing a glistening, floor-length yellow gown with cutouts on the bodice.

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