PHOTOS: Stunning landscapes you won’t believe are in the U.K.

Green Bridge of Wales. (Photo: Alessio Putzu/Caters News)

The impressive gallery shows beautiful landscapes that might appear to be from more exotic climes, but they were all taken on British soil.

Alessio Putzu, 31, a professional landscape photographer from London, snapped the amazing shots during his trips to Devon and Cornwall, England; Pembrokeshire, Wales; and the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Alessio said: “My main goal is to know the best of every location, how it works with the low or high tide, in summer or winter, with rough sea or calm sea, so I can transfer my knowledge to my customers and make them see the beauty of these places.

“As I work two jobs, it frees my mind and helps me to relax being in the coast, and as some doctors are doing, prescribing a walk in nature is the most effective antidepressant pill out there.” (Caters News)

Photography by Alessio Putzu/Caters News

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Cornwall Gulf rock near Trebarwith Strand. (Photo: Alessio Putzu/Caters News)
Three Cliffs Bay, Wales. (Photo: Alessio Putzu/Caters News)
Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall. (Photo: Alessio Putzu/Caters News)
Mumbles Lighthouse, Wales. (Photo: Alessio Putzu/Caters News)
Talisker Bay, Scotland. (Photo: Alessio Putzu/Caters News)
Church Rock, Wales. (Photo: Alessio Putzu/Caters News)
Deadman Bay, Wales. (Photo: Alessio Putzu/Caters News)