In photos: Thousands of Cubans take to the streets for anti-government protests

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Thousands of people protested across Cuba on Sunday against food and medicine shortages during the pandemic, per AP.

Why it matters: It's unusual for demonstrations to be held against the Communist government, which is known for cracking down on dissent. The protests in Havana and elsewhere are the biggest since 1994, when an uprising saw many Cubans leave by sea, the New York Times notes.

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A man is arrested during the anti-government protest in Havana on July 11. "Multiple people have been arrested," CNN reports. Photo: Yamil Lage/AFP via Getty Images

AP photographer Ramon Espinosa is grabbed by the police while covering the demonstration against Díaz-Canel in Havana on July 11. AP reports that a group of government supporters assaulted him. SomPhoto: Adalberto Roque/AFP via Getty Images

Cubans outside Havana's Capitol during an anti-government rally on July 11. Cuban activist Carolina Barrero told the NYT, "It is the most massive popular demonstration to protest the government that we have experienced in Cuba since ’59," when Fidel Castro took power. Photo: Yamil Lage/AFP via Getty Images

Díaz-Canel (C) with supporters in San Antonio de los Banos after the anti-government protests on July 11. The pandemic impacted tourism and his government "introduced emergency economic reforms" following a downturn, "eliminating some subsidies," and people are going hungry, per Bloomberg. Photo: Yander Zamora/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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