PHOTOS: World's most death-defying stunts revealed in stunning gallery

Daredevil divers teasing a great white shark. (Photo: Dmitry Vasyanovich/Caters News)

The amazing people who spend their time performing some of the most heart-stopping stunts in the world are revealed in this photo gallery. We see Toby Segar, 21, from Surrey, England, performing a backflip on the precipice of Troll Tongue in Norway. Other breathtaking shots show Nathan Paulin, 24, from France, tackling a 2,000-foot-long high wire from the Eiffel Tower to the Trocadero. Then there are the daredevil divers who decided that the sight of a great white shark wasn’t thrilling enough, so they engaged it with a hunk of bait. (Caters News)

A climber poses on a rock during a climb in Kalymnos, Greece. (Photo: Adam Kokot/Caters News)
The magnificent moment when a daring helicopter pilot took a flight over an erupting volcano. (Photo: Lionel Ghighi/Caters News)
Andrej Ciesielski gets a unique view of Times Square. (Photo: Andrej Ciesielski/Caters News)
James and Melissa take a daring wedding photo. (Photo: Jay Philbrick/Caters News)
Gleb Vorevodin in the clouds over Moscow. (Photo: Gleb Vorevodin/Caters News)
An adrenaline junkie climbing in Utah. (Photo: Max Seigal/Caters News)
Toby Segar doing a backflip on Troll Tongue in Norway. (Photo: Robert Godwin/Caters News)
Bartlomiej Kolusz, head coach of Percepcja CrossFit in Poland, exercises on top of the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. (Photo: Adam Kokot/Caters News)
Nathan Paulin walks a high wire from the Eiffel Tower to the Trocadero in Paris. (Photo: Aidan Williams/Caters News)
Mike Hutton hangs from Gargoyle Flake in the Peak District in England. (Photo: Mike Hutton/Caters News)
A Jet Ski pilot and a wakeboarder outrun a gigantic wave in Nazar é, Portugal. (Photo: Andre Botelho/Caters News)
Lukas Irmler takes a break on a high wire across Hunlen Falls in British Columbia, Canada. (Photo: Valentin Rapp/Caters News)
Morgane Choquet and Samuel Cobb relax in a vertical campsite on the face of El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, Calif. (Photo: Alexandre Eggermont/Caters News)
Martin Kochling swimming with a great white shark in Guadalupe, Mexico. (Photo: Jean-Marie Ghislain/Caters News)
Bradley Ambrose photographed his colleague Simon Turner near a lava lake inside Marum crater in Ambrym, Vanuatu. (Photo: Bradley Ambrose/Caters News)
Robyn Young travels on the back of Oliver Miller as they descend during a jump over Arecibo, Puerto Rico. (Photo: Skwrl Productions/Caters News)
Gilles Sierro is the first person to ski down the face of the Dent Blanche peak in Switzerland. (Photo: David Carlier/Caters News)

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