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2x4 Projects: Floral Table Runner

2x4 Projects to Bring Out Your Inner Carpenter

Heather Cha
Yahoo Makers

The 2x4 is such a basic item, but from the modest building block there are nearly an endless number of projects you can DIY. Whether you want to build a house or use them in a pro-wrestling match à la Jim Duggan, 2x4’s are cheap, widely available, and ready to fulfill whatever confection you can imagine. The best part is that the simplicity of a 2x4 lends itself to the relative ease of using them in a given table, shelf, etc. For people looking to dip their toes into the world of DIY, these chunks of lumber are a great, non-intimidating step towards upgrading your carpentry chops. For those of you that are really starting from scratch, here is also a list of the basic tools you need for most woodworking. From the garden, to the bedroom, the bathroom, here are ten 2x4 projects to help you put a handmade touch in your home.

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