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1. Edamame And Quinoa Salad

A delicious bowlful, blending superfood quinoa with edamame beans, cucumber, carrot and tomatoes, with optional Thai dressing. Full recipe available in itsu 20-minute Suppers by Julian Metcalfe and Blanche Vaughan, published by Mitchell Beazley (£18.99). [Photo: Tamin Jones]

30 Work Lunch Ideas (That Will Make Your Colleagues Drool With Envy)

You know it’s true - any lunch you make at home is going to taste 100 times better than the too-salty, too-slimy, far-too-small salad you’ll end up buying.

Making your own will also save you money AND ensure you look like a domestic goddess in the office.

But coming up with creative recipes that will transition seamlessly from kitchen to tupperware and then to your desk can be tough.

So here are 30 ideas for lunches you can make for work - either the night before or on the day - that will keep you going for over a month.

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